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The Best Things about Being a Nurse

People choose to become somebody who they admire, adore and idealize. For example, becoming a teacher is a job of immense dedication, profound knowledge, and patience. At the same time, every profession has certain advantages and disadvantages. In the teaching profession, you receive your students’ love and admiration and achieve your goal when you see your students succeeding in their lives. However, a teaching job is grueling and exhausting at the same time.

Similarly, becoming a nurse is a challenging job! You may have to suffer from long working hours, night shift duties, hunger pangs, fatigue, stress, and much more, but you should always learn to appreciate the bright side. If you want to know about that greener side, let’s explore the best things about becoming a nurse. Whether you are nursing in professional practice or a hospital, here’s a look at some of the best things about being a nurse today.

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You know your worth

People face this set-back many times in their professional lives when they feel worthless. That can be because of zero growth, loss of appreciation, or external motivation. Because of this, they lose interest in their jobs and become demotivated. It dramatically influences their productivity at work. When you perform your career as a nurse, the external environment, including your colleagues, patients, other staff members, and your family members, pushes you to deliver and accomplish your tasks competently. You remain busy helping doctors, other nurses, and patients while receiving comments and remarks that may give you an adrenaline boost. These uplifting and cheerful remarks stimulate you to acknowledge your self-worth. This act drives you to perform better and show more dedication to your work. At times, nurses must make sure that the orders they receive from physicians are appropriate for their patients and must use their skills and training to know when to interrupt, or stop, an order.

Latest knowledge and skills and new lessons every day

As medicine is a field full of innovations, science, experiments, and apparatus, a nurse continuously learns new things in her life. Education plays a vital role in gaining more advanced knowledge and the latest skills. While performing their regular duties, nurses can also attain online DNP programs to improve their skills and stay updated regarding chronic illnesses and diseases. Not every workplace gives you this fantastic opportunity to continue learning the latest techniques and work strategies. It is one of the perks of becoming a nurse. Enhancing your education and information benefits you in multiple ways broadly. You feel more confident and ambitious to take on new challenges.

Empower and motivate patients

Patient compliance is a challenging issue in the field of medicine. Nurses play a crucial role in motivating their patients, follow their instructions, and demonstrate medication and treatment compliance. Here are several ways how nurses empower and inspire patients.

Educating a patient is imperative to ensure a speedy recovery. Educating the patients about their medication also holds an influential role in assuring safety and no drug abuse. Different communities also facilitate workshops and seminars to provide knowledge and awareness to patients about various diseases.

Nurses have to keep up with regular follow-ups to the patients. It is vital to motivate patients to show up for follow-up visits to monitor their health and recovery status. When patients show up for a visit, you can assess them thoroughly and note down their progress.

Earn handsome amount with career advancement

Nursing is a noble profession, and no one adopts this field only for the monetary incentives. But the fact is, it offers various perks, including job security, training opportunities and obviously, the pay is good too. If we talk about career advancement, nursing is a vast career path. After spending few years in this field, nurses gain immense experience. With the blend of further education and specialization, nurses can take a leadership role in several healthcare facilities. In some areas where there is no available doctor, nurses may also perform some of a doctor’s duties.

 Meeting people from all walks of life

Being a nurse, you can expect to meet people from all walks of life. People from all cultures, ethnicity, and all sorts of backgrounds visit hospitals. Some have had broadly different experiences that affect their thinking and behavior. In contrast, others may have unconventional healthcare opinions that are hard for nurses to process or accept.

A patient who refuses a blood transfusion because of their religious beliefs is challenging. Similarly, a parent who will not agree upon vaccinating a child because of safety concerns puts them in trouble. And a critically-ill client who chooses to forgo life-sustaining treatment can cause stress for them. These are all types of psychological constraints that nurses face regularly. The autonomy principle, i.e., a patient’s right to make their own healthcare decisions without interference or intimidation of others, always supersedes the nurse’s decision.

Nurses are getting their training on being culturally competent. A culturally competent nurse is one who is confident to address people from different cultures and groups. She respects their morals and ethics and never passes her judgment on them. She refrains from making any comment on them that might disturb them. You learn to deal with all types of patients with time. Interacting and communicating with people from mixed backgrounds gives you a chance to know them and enjoy their routines, habits, languages, stories. You never get bored at the hospital.


Those who plan to become a nurse should acknowledge these elements that you will explore during your journey and route to becoming a nurse. We have mentioned a few good things about being a nurse. After the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare sector is rapidly growing. Nursing is an essential part of today’s healthcare sector. Nurses are among the front-line workers, and their demand is increasing very fast. So to join this field, focus on the plus points and forget about the distress! Ease and convenience are never for free!

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