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Many Teacher Supplies Will Still Be Used for Years in the Future

Supplies for teachers have changed at least somewhat over the years. A lot of schoolwork is done digitally. However, regarding teacher supplies, some requirements have stayed the same. 

Many teachers still use boards and dry-erase markers. Broad dry-erase clipboards in front of classrooms can still be useful for people trying to demonstrate concepts quickly before a large audience. People can follow the content of lectures quickly if someone is literally and figuratively spelling some material out, and there aren’t a lot of other alternatives. 

Closeup of a teachers desk with books, paper and pen and a red apple in front of a chalkboard

Older Chalkboards

Some teachers continue to use traditional chalkboards. However, some people might not want to do so. They could be concerned about the possibility of chalk dust getting into the air. The erasers for these chalkboards have always been difficult to clean, and the newer versions are not much easier to clean than many of the older versions. 

Lots of students also do not like to use traditional chalk. Almost all types of chalk can be messy. It’s possible to avoid these concerns using dry-erase markers and boards instead. 

Written messages on dry-erase boards can also sometimes be easier for people to read in many cases (Insider). Writing in white chalk on a traditional chalkboard can create a message that looks faded almost right away, and it will start to fade away even more quickly throughout the lesson. The students sitting in the back of the class might have a hard time even reading what has been written. 

It’s easier to create legible messages using dry-erase markers on dry-erase boards, which has helped these teacher supplies stay popular over the years. Many classrooms will continue to use either interactive boards or dry-erase boards.

New Supplies

The teachers with older chalkboards might be interested in switching to newer boards that use dry-erase markers. They also might already have boards like this and could be interested in updating them anyway. There are teacher supplies available to them now. 

Even dry-erase boards do not last forever. Some traces of the markers can eventually build up there, giving the boards something of a stained appearance. The boards can also just become less shiny with time. People can sometimes benefit from getting new dry-erase boards for classrooms, even if they already have boards like this in place. They’ll still probably be using those same boards in another several year. 

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