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Supernatural Where Humor Brings a Family Together

Humor: The Laughter that Binds

Anyone who watches Supernatural will recall that in the series pilot, Dean and Sam Winchester lose their mother to a demon. Tragedy doesn’t stop there, at the beginning of Season 2, the brother faces an equally tragic loss when their father, John, sacrifices himself to save his children. Throughout the season both brother deal with this loss while coming to terms with what it means to be a family through humor.

I think humor gets a family through things. While my family may not have faced the same devastation as the Winchester brothers in Supernatural, we have had our share of difficult moments. One that comes to mind is our camping trip to Escalante several years back. The Divine Miss M was four months old. My dad was with us and after the camp was set up, we headed out across the rolling desert for Calf Creek.

It was an uneventful hike until the return when no one seemed to have any direction as to where the camp was and it was hot! We roamed. I offered my opinion on where the camp was–if you recall from my Chevy experience, I don’t have a natural sense of direction–which may be why no one opted to listen to me.

We roamed.

We stopped to discuss where we were in relation to our camp.

We roamed.

The heat was getting to us all.

Then my dad reached into his pockets and took out his car alarm beeper and started pushing the button telling us to “listen for his car alarm”.

“Are you kidding me?” I snorted.

“No. If we get close it will set off the car alarm and we’ll know where the camp is.” he boasted, proud of his survival skills.

We continued to roam until I happened to look over my shoulder and see our camp behind us, upon a cliff.

We still talk about that day. When my husband refuses to stop to ask for directions while we are driving I ask, “Did you bring the car alarm?”

Laughter gets us through those difficult times and the Winchester brothers Dean and Sam know all about getting through tough times with humor in the Supernatural Complete Second Season now available on Blu-ray. Order your copy of Supernatural: The Complete Second Season on Blu-ray today. And don’t forget to check out the Supernatural on Blu-ray Facebook page for up-to-date exciting news.

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