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Softsoap Limited Edition Holiday Scents Body Washes Review


I received Softsoap Limited Edition Holiday Scents Body Washes Review in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means a new realm of scents to tease our senses will be filling the air. Softsoap is welcoming the holidays with their new Limited Edition Body Washes in scents that will have you bursting with holiday spirit! Alpine Mint Frost, Parisian Berry Bliss, and Venetian Vanilla Spice are ready to wash away holiday stress and wrap your body in moisture! They all smell so good, and it’s hard to choose what one I love the most.

softsoap trio holiday scents

Softsoap Limited Edition Holiday Scents Body Washes Review

Alpine Mint Frost

Alpine Mint Frost is what my nose craves.

It offers a minty, clean smell that rejuvenates with its Cool Winter Mint.

Lose yourself in the beauty of winter with Softsoap’s limited edition alpine frost body wash.

Its revitalizing scent of cool winter mint will leave your skin soft, smooth, and moisturized all winter long.

It makes your skin feel awake, and it seems as if it suds in mint.

The smell is invigorating as you shower.

It leaves me feeling clean and ready to take on anything.


softsoap alpine mint frost

Venetian Vanilla Spice

Miss M loves the Venetian Vanilla Spice body wash.

Vanilla might be her favorite scent.

This limited-edition scent is invigorating and infuses the bathroom with warm vanilla and lingering spices.

Let the invigorating scent of sweet vanilla and spices infuse your shower and leave your skin soft and smooth all winter long.

It’s a scent that works all year long, but this particular one is only available for a limited time.

softsoap venetian vanilla spice

Parisian Berry Bliss

Not to be left out is the scent of red winter berries in Parisian Berry Bliss body wash. 

It moisturizes and offers the scent of holiday berries.

This moisturizing formula leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

While the festive scent of red winter berries leaves you ready to enjoy winter.

The berry bliss has a nice scent.

I like how soft and smooth it left my skin.

softsoap parisian berry bliss

These three Softsoap limited edition holiday scents smell great.

I try to use things that don’t have a powerful scent to them.

And these have just the right amount of fragrance to make your shower a spa-like experience.

Miss M is a big fan of Softsoap.

I love that the brand fits into my budget and keeps the dry winter skin away from us during the cold, moisturizing us with every shower!

These three scents are available for a limited time.

They are available at Walmart and most retail stores.

They are only here for the holiday season; I am going to have to stock up on them and have them for longer.

The Softsoap Limited Edition Holiday Scents are available for a limited time at Walmart from October until December.

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