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SmartWav Review

The Miracle BabySleep System by SmartWav helps ease the transition from the womb to the world by accurately simulating the womb’s sonic environment.  Now using a two-disc system, you can get your baby relaxed and sleepy BEFORE putting her down to bed, providing a more natural ramp to better sleep.

SmartWav Review

The first disc helps lull the baby to sleep.  The disc has an ambient lullaby soundtrack composed by internationally acclaimed pianist Jay Oliver.  Combined with WombEffect audio technology, it creates a beautiful, profoundly relaxing soundscape and sedating.

The music in itself is relaxing and enjoyable to listen to.  I would sink into a hot bubble bath with this in the background if it weren’t for the constant nursing and rocking that I am engaged in lately.  The steady heartbeat rhythm and white noise in the background add even more tranquility.  It really is beautiful music.  Clara is soothed by the sounds when we put the CD on as I nurse her at night; I think it is also much more beneficial than Downton Abbey to fall asleep! 

After using Disc 1 to get baby sleepy, Mommy should use Disc 2 to extend sleep.  This disc features the WombEffect technology and is designed to keep your baby asleep longer and deeper with less night wakings.  This CD works best in the baby’s room, and the CD player is set on “repeat.”

My biggest feat with babies is getting them to sleep in their cribs.  Sleeping on their backs and without blankets makes it hard for Baby to sleep by herself, especially my little gassiness, Clara!  She wakes fitfully.  This Disc helps her maintain her sleep a little better. I have been able to leave her in her crib at night just long enough to get in my nightly dose of Downton Abbey (do you see an obsession here?), which none of my other babies would do at one month old (WOW! she’s growing up so quickly!)—forty-eight minutes of arms-free relaxation.  One night, she slept for an entire two hours with the music playing….  ALLELUIA!

Please note that this is NOT standard lullaby music.  The BabySleep System is a highly accurate reproduction of your baby’s hearing while in the womb.  The background noise is digitally recorded womb sounds with the Mother’s resting heartbeat.  It truly is peaceful and quiet.

There is even an additional CD for sleep-deprived parents.  Papa Bear has a very difficult time getting back to sleep once he has been awakened.  Not a problem with the BabySleep System.  I turn on the AdultSleep Disc, and he can listen to the Ocean Waves using the Rolling Pink-Noise Technology.  He admits that this has helped considerably!  Even while I type this, Clara has stirred but calmed while the music plays.  The most difficult part of using the system is having a CD player or MP3 player in the room where Baby will be for getting sleepy or for sleeping.  We have solved this by using portable speakers that plug in to my MP3 player.  I can move the speaker into any room in the house and use the MP3 player or the computer to play the music.  The music calms even my older children, it seems.  Maybe I need to get speakers for the kiddos bedrooms for their sleepy-time routine too!

How SmartWav Works

The Miracle BabySleep System audio soundtrack incorporates the new WombEffect technology, which is the process of accurately simulating the womb sound environment in order to help ease the often turbulent transition from womb to world.

This is created by using actual audio recordings of the womb, blended with a high-fidelity recording of a mother’s heartbeat adjusted to the rested rate of 45 beats per minute.

This is then expanded into a 60-minute loop and then layered with a slow-motion ambient soundtrack composed in a  specific tonality and timbre to promote relaxation, sedation, and sleep.  The result is a lush, profoundly calming soundscape that helps to remind babies that they are safe, allowing them to fall asleep quicker and easier and to stay asleep longer with fewer wakings.

Lauralee Saad loves homeschooling her three kiddos: Ballerina, age 8; Big Boy, age 6; and MESS, age 3. She enjoys sewing when she can find a spare corner to set up her machine and dig out fabrics, cooking and baking – especially if the kiddos are helping, and enjoying a good book after the kiddos have gone to bed. She is thrilled to have welcomed a baby girl into the family on March 23, 2012.

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