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Back-To-School with Sharpie Clear View and Sharpie Extreme

Introducing the Perfect Duo for Every Student: Sharpie Clear View and Sharpie Extreme! 

Sharpie Clear View: See Your Writing Come to Life! 

Experience the magic of Sharpie Clear View, the ultimate writing companion for your back-to-school adventures! With its unique see-through tip, you’ll have unparalleled control and precision, allowing you to write with confidence. No more guessing where your lines start and end—watch as your words flow effortlessly onto the page!

✅ Crystal-clear visibility for precise writing

✅ Easy-glide ink for smooth and consistent lines

✅ Quick-drying formula to avoid smudges

✅ Bold and vibrant colors to make your notes pop

✅ Perfect for highlighting, underlining, and more!

Sharpie Extreme: Unleash Your Creativity! 

Calling all creative souls! Let your imagination run wild with Sharpie Extreme, the toughest marker in town! Whether you’re labeling your school supplies or customizing your gear, Sharpie Extreme is built to withstand the demands of your active lifestyle. Its durable, fade-resistant ink is designed to last, making it perfect for all your outdoor adventures.

✅ Resistant to water, fading, and smudging

✅ Stands up to harsh conditions and extreme temperatures

✅ Ultra-fine tip for precise detailing

✅ Available in vibrant colors for eye-catching designs

✅ Ideal for personalizing backpacks, water bottles, and more!

Why Choose Sharpie Clear View and Sharpie Extreme? 

✅ Unmatched quality: Made with precision and durability in mind.

✅ Versatility: Perfect for a wide range of tasks, from note-taking to artwork.

✅ Expressive colors: Add a splash of creativity to your school projects.

✅ Confidence booster: Make a statement with clear, bold, and vibrant lines.

✅ Long-lasting: Enjoy reliable performance throughout the school year.

Limited-Time Offer: Special Back-To-School Bundles! 

Don’t miss out on our exclusive back-to-school bundles featuring Sharpie Clear View and Sharpie Extreme markers! Stock up on these essential tools and unlock your creative potential. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent, this offer is perfect for everyone looking to make a statement this school year.

Prepare for success and stand out from the crowd with Sharpie Clear View and Sharpie Extreme markers! 

Get your bundle today at your nearest office supply store or visit the Sharpie website. Don’t wait—make your mark and embrace the new school year with confidence! 

Our Sharpie Clear View and Sharpie Extreme Review:

I received Sharpie Clear View Highlighters and Sharpie Extreme in exchange for this blog post. All opinions and my love for organization remain my own.

Before Back-To-School took over our lives, I was living the dream chasing my pedigree through genealogy. One line seems to have named each generation the same, and I was failing at following along on the who’s who.

Then Sharpie Clear View Highlighters arrived and innocently, I gave them a go.

The new Sharpie Clear View Highlighters are designed with a clear window built into the tip so that you actually see what you are highlighting as you highlight it.

sharpie clear view highlighter

The Sharpie Clear View highlighter with see through tips come in multiple colors and measure about 4.25 inches when capped

With the cap posted, the Sharpie Clear View Highlighters measure exactly 5 inches, but only 4 inches when the cap is completely removed.

It’s a cool concept. Usually, highlighting has me struggling to keep a consistently straight line.

They are available in the colors yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, coral, and pink. Each color has a stripe in the tips window that acts as a guide that you can align with the center, or bottom of your text to ensure an even highlight across the page.

sharpie clear view highlighter know when to stop and start

I love that you can see what you’re highlighting while you’re highlighting it.

The Sharpie Clear View Highlighters are semi-flat for grip-ability and equipped with Sharpie’s exclusive Smear Guard technology (you’ll want to let the ink dry before highlighting).
Sharpie clear view highlighter in pink and yellow

The highlighters have versatile blade-style tips that draw thick lines for highlighting or clear lines for underlining.

Sharpie Clear View Highlighters are available in select retailers nationwide including Amazon, Staples, Walmart, Office Depot and Target. They have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $7.33/3-count and $9.78/4-count.

Last year, MacKenzie went to Soccer Camp, and their homework was to decorate a soccer ball. It looked fantastic, but as it was used and sat outside, it lost the vibrant color. Meet Sharpie Extreme Markers–they won’t fade in even the most challenging conditions.

sharpie extreme

Sharpie Extreme permanent markers have high-contrast ink that resists fading when exposed to harsh UV rays, rain, snow and even mud.

It’s the perfect marker for outdoor gear, sports equipment, backpacks and water bottles or doodling your Sharpie Style crafts.

The colors are bold, high-contrast fade-resistant when exposed to UV rays, rain, snow, and mud.

The tip is fine, durable and delivers bold color and lines on most surfaces, including plastic, glass, and wood.

Available in four colors: black, blue, red, and green.

We’re marking things up all around the house and yard to give these Sharpie Extreme markers the test.

Sharpie Extreme is available through select retailers nationwide including Amazon, STaples, Walmart, Office Depot and Target.

These Sharpie markers have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $10.76 for a 4-Pack and are available in assorted colors or all black.

We are loving Sharpie Clear View highlighters and Sharpie Extreme. The kiddos have claimed them all for back-to-school.

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