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Safety Tips for the Holidays

Every year I am saddened when I read a newspaper or see a news clip about the tragedy that strikes at least one family due to fire. Sometimes it ends with just losing material items; other times, the outcome is far more heart-wrenching.  The Muppets and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) have partnered to share the importance of safety this season simply by joining their campaign to “Commit a Minute.”
UL has some frightening statistics like. Every minute, 17 children visit the ER (CDC) with unintentional injuries. That number increases during the holiday season – but it doesn’t have to. It takes just a minute to turn the pot handle on the stove, pick up toys and other everyday items we sometimes fail to consider.

Kermit, Beaker, and Bunsen discovered that the main cause of holiday fires involve decorations (56%), and the first item ignited because of this are Christmas trees (21%).

That’s why Dr. Dr. Honeydew Bunsen, his assistant Beaker and Kermit the Frog created a short video at the UL Labs encouraging families to “Commit A Minute” to safety.

Here are some additional statistics and top safety tips you should know to ensure a safe and happy holiday season:

· Consider LEDS –

A candle can reach 1,000 degrees so always stay “three feet from the heat.”

· Never leave candles unattended-

Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of unexpected candle/oven flames. 

· *Water Your Tree –

Trees that have dried out over several weeks burn faster than fresher, well-watered. *Here’s a video of a side-by-side tree burn.

· Ensure lights bare the UL Mark –

Lights intended for indoor-only use bear green holographic UL Marks, whereas lights intended for indoor and outdoor use bear red holographic UL Marks

Get a jumpstart on Safety and to celebrate the release of the new MUPPETS movie, which opens next week…the last one was twelve years ago.

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