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Running Dry – What to Do When You Can’t Get Water From Your Tap

Have you just turned on the bathroom or kitchen faucet and noticed there is no water coming out? What could be wrong? If you find yourself in this scenario, do not panic.

No water coming from your tap could mean a variety of things, most of which are not too worrisome. Keep reading to discover what to do when you cannot get water to come out of your taps.

What do do when you cannot get water from your tap

Check Other Faucets 

If you have no water coming out of the kitchen faucet, go to another room such as the bathroom on the same floor and see if the water is working in this space. If it is, you know the problem is specifically located in just the kitchen, and this can make your life much easier in tracking down the culprit. Once you know the issue is only in the kitchen, you can investigate plumbing services to see who will be able to assist you in the endeavor of getting your water back up and running.

Investigate Your Water Mains 

Another critical component to check when you have no water coming from the tap is the water main. This may seem like common sense, but occasionally this water meter valve can get closed and not allow any water into the main water line to your home. Open the valve suggests The Spruce, and check to see if the water now comes out of the tap. It is also critical to test the water main because there can be a break in the city line which would cause all water to stop running to your home. Instead, it is leaking into the ground, and the city needs to be called.

Check the Shut-Off Valves 

There are many water valves in your home, from outside on the water meter to the city side and the meter to the homeowner side. There are also valves at the specified sinks as well. Any of these valves could have been turned off if you have recently had an inspection or any water official in your home. Check to make sure these valves are all open. If the valve is off, no water will be coming in. It may be as simple a fix as this!

Unclog Your Pipes 

If you live in an older home, you may have problems with your water pipes. Over the years, sediment can build up in your pipes or corrosion can restrict the flow of water as it comes down the pipes. If you have older pipes that are made of outdated material, that are corroded, or have a sediment buildup, this could cause your water supply to be limited or gone when you turn on the tap. You would need to have a professional evaluate your pipes and either repair them if able or replace the pipes in your home with brand new ones.

Call a Plumber 

The last suggestion to utilize if you are unable to determine why water is not running through your pipes and to your faucet is to call a plumber. A professional with years of knowledge and experience will be able to quickly figure out what the issue is regarding your lack of water. They will be able to narrow it down with just a bit of troubleshooting and save you hours of time and frustration trying to locate the problem on your own.

Why Should I Call a Plumber if I Have no Water from My Faucet? 

After doing a few minor troubleshooting tests in your home, you are going to want to call a professional plumbing team to come and evaluate your water or lack thereof. This is an essential step because there may be things going on behind the scenes that you do not realize and can eventually damage your home.

Whether you investigate the water main, check other faucets, check the shut-off valves, or any other minor investigations, you may not know if there is a leaky pipe, trouble with the water heater, clogged pipes, or any other dangerous issues, unless you call in a plumber. Take the time to have your home appropriately evaluated, and you will not have to worry about any water-related problems in the future!

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