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Tips For Moving In the Winter

Most families prefer to move in the warm, dry weather of summer. Even the milder days of autumn and spring may be ideal for a move. Moving in the winter can sound nightmarish, especially if you live in New England where snow and ice are all-but guaranteed. Fortunately, there are tips you can follow to make your winter move much easier.

moving in the winter

When it comes to movers Manchester NH, residents, and people who are moving to the area have many choices. The key is to look for a company that will do everything it can to make the process stress free. Use these tips to save even more time and prevent headaches.

Keep Snow and Ice Off Driveways and Paths

Snowy, icy pavement is dangerous to walk across, and it becomes even more so when heavy boxes and pieces of furniture are being carried. Before the movers arrive, make certain that your walkways and driveway are clear of snow and ice. This makes moving much easier, faster and safer. You also might consider hiring someone to clear the paths and driveway at your new home.

Watch the Weather

It can be helpful to pay attention to the weather forecast in the days leading up to your move. If it sounds like a blizzard is blowing in, make contact with your movers. They can discuss alternative plans with you and help to allay your fears.

Double Check the Utilities at the New House

If you’re moving in the winter, it is imperative that you have working heat, lights, and water in your new home. It can be downright dangerous to be without these necessities in harsh weather. Ask to have the utilities turned on at least a couple of days before moving day to make sure that there aren’t any snags.

Get an Early Start

It’s easy to forget how early it gets dark in the winter. This means that you won’t have many daylight hours to complete your move. Getting up at the crack of dawn is no fun, but it sure beats having to be still moving furniture into your home when it gets dark, and temperatures drop.

Ask About Special Packaging

Melting snow and ice may be able to destroy cardboard boxes. Ask your movers in Manchester, NH about how to protect your delicate items and electronics from the elements. This may mean that you don’t have to deal with a lot of damaged items at your new home.

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