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The Angels Company, Sweetheart Cutie Review

Doll Review

When my daughter, Abi, was very small we went with my mom to select a “baby”. She took her time. She hugged a lot of babies, but in the end, we left with only one. She named him “Bob” and she nurtured him. She fed him, wiped his face and he was NOT allowed to be put down. If she tired of him, she would assign “Bob” to someone, and if that person treated “Bob” like a doll, it was ON. Abi was a Mama Bear and a force you did not want to reckon with at all.

It’s moments like these that I think have captured my heart and make the selection of a doll for my girls a joyful celebration. I want a doll that reflects the same love and devotion as my daughter. How fortunate I am to have found “The Angels Company”.

The Angels Company crafts hand-made, one of a kind, unique dolls that seem to come to life. As I looked at each of the ragdolls in the shop, I saw them as more than a doll. These dolls are special.

We were sent one of The Angel Company’s Sweetheart Cutie dolls to review and my girls fell in love. It was truly like watching a new mom’s eyes lock on to her own child’s for the first time.

This is our doll:

She was immediately given a name, “Sophie Grace”.
She is a work of art. I almost didn’t want her to be played with to preserve her. I lost. Sophie Grace was embraced in my daughters’ arms and taken to see her new home.
The Angel Company creates each doll by hand and the craftsmanship is sensational! Sophie Grace’s face is hand embroidered and hand-painted.
Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?! My girls LOVE her nose and her “oh so rosy cheeks”!
Her hair is soft yarn in a rainbow of multicolors. It sticks out of her kerchief like whispy strands do on my own girls.
From the back, Sophie Grace hasn’t been deprived of detail. Her head-kerchief lies precisely over the back of her head. It is complete even with a knotted bow at the base of her neck!
Centered on the back of her skirt is the label that pays tribute to her creator, “The Angels Company”.
There is no detail undone on Sophie Grace. Even her bloomers are meticulously created out of a soft cotton and accented with beautiful lace trim. Her socks and shoes are painted with precision.
She stands 10″ tall and is stuffed to the perfect softness. She is the perfect size and fluff for hugging, tea parties, sharing secrets and cuddling at night.
My girls adore their Sophie Grace. She is one of a kind, just like them.
The Angels Company dolls start at just $16.00.
You can view more of these amazing pieces of love through The Angels Company website and their Etsy Shop. You can even watch Patricia create a raggedy doll from start to finish in this youtube video.

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. I received the product mentioned in this post for review purposes from the sponsor. These opinions are my own and in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experience may vary.

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