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Review: SymptomPAK

Treat JUST the Symptoms You HAVE

When it’s cold and flu season my dreaded task is when Hubby sends me to the store to buy medicine that will yield relief. I never know what to get and end up buying multiple items in hopes that it will take care of everyone’s pending symptoms. It’s frustrating! Now there’s a better solution that’s stress-free, SymptomPak! 
It’s never been so easy to treat allergies, colds, and flu symptoms!  SymptomPak contains five effective, symptom-specific medications, so targeting the symptoms and treating only those that are relevant to you is a cinch! 

I’ve been battling a cold and I love how easy SymptomPak makes in aiding my defenses.  It’s as simple as looking on the box, finding my symptoms and then opening the bottle that pertains to that need. I don’t have to pollute my body with unnecessary medication, just what I need to feel better and keep going.

In addition to the box containing the effective symtom-specific medication, it is a great resource. It’s like having a personal physician at your finger-tips. The box lists symptoms and which medication and the proper dosage. It’s easy peasy! To simplify it even more, there’s an included medicine carrier to take your next dose on the go! 

The beauty of this product goes beyond the box. Each bottle of medicine is available to purchase as a refill. Yup! You don’t have to buy the entire box again. Just purchase a refill bottle of the medicine you use and keep this kit ready to act at the first sign of symptoms. The starter box has a MSRP of $25 and then refill bottles have a suggested price of $10 each.

The starter kit includes:
  • 5 effective symptom-specific medications.Educational dosing chart to show you the exact medication(s) to take for your specific symptoms.
  • Portable pill box with a mini-chart so you can easily take the correct relief with you.
  • The easiest way to follow your doctor recommendations if you have high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes and for pregnant women.


I love the ease and convenience of the SymptomPAK. I think it is a great approach to treating allergies, colds and the flu. It simplifies the shopping for medicine and allows me to give my family only the medicine they need for the symptoms they have!This post was written for Family Review Network & SymptomPak who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest review. NO other compensation was received. The opions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.
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