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2010 Halloween

Halloween: October 31?
Before heading out, Abi dubs her brother, Sir William

Last night at 8:30pm my husband’s co-worker called. His family recently moved to Utah from Florida and he was asking why no one was answering their door for Trick or Treating. Sadly, we had to explain the reasoning to him and I felt badly for his little ones who had missed out on the event.

Two Princesses and My Loyal Knight

Halloween was on Sunday. On Friday we had Trick or Treaters, on Saturday we had Trick-or-Treaters and last night we had some. I love Halloween but a three day event? There seemed to be a lot of confusion this year. It left me wondering, why don’t we celebrate the event on the day it falls on the calendar? We don’t change Christmas, New Years or Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving is always the same Thursday.

We celebrated the Trick Or Treat parade on Saturday evening…in the rain. It was cold but the kiddos were to excited to let it stop them! We always walk the same route and this year there were very few house lights on (indicating they are participating). There were also very few Trick or Treaters…I think we saw three others our first hour out.

Nonetheless we celebrated. We had a great time and my Renaissance Court has great memories.

Here’s the kiddos all gussied up:

Abi, THE Princess
Princess MacKenzie


My Loyal Knight, William
What night did YOUR community celebrate Halloween?
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