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Review: Barista Bath and Body Travel Set

Brew Up Clean

Coffee. I love the stuff. I love it hot. I love it cold. I love it black. I love it with cream. I love it in my brownies or in my favorite mug. Now, I’m adding to my list of loves. I love it in my shower! Thanks to Barista Bath and Body I can indulge in one of my favorite things…coffee…in the shower through their full line of naturual hair and beauty products. They’ve tapped into the revitzalizing benefits of coffee!
From the Barista Bath and Body Website:
(Barista Bath and Body) products are formulated with organic coffee, coffee extract, essential oils and herbal extracts to maximize the therapeutic benefits of coffee. In recent years, coffee has re-emerged as a natural restorative exhibiting numerous advantageous properties. Published studies have documented the benefits of topical application of coffee and its major constituent, caffeine. 
Back in March of this year, Seventeen Magazine did an article titled, Yummy Recipes to Give You Shiny, Sleek Hair! In the article they state:
Super Shine: Caffeine can intensify your dark locks and make it really stand out! Just brew a pot of non-flavored coffee or strong black tea and soak your hair in it. Comb through, cover your head with a plastic shower cap, and sit for 20-30 minutes. Rinse it out, shampoo, and rinse again with cold water to give it super shine!

Barista Bath and Body makes that Super Shine far easier with their Perk It Up Shampoo and Sooth Those Jitters Conditioner. Both naturally balance your body’s PH for maximum moisture retention and shine, leaving your hair cleaner and shinier AND they’re Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates free! The Perk It Up Shampoo is awesome! It has intense lather that rinses away squeaky clean. The smell is delicious and energizing. It, however, doesn’t cling very long once it is rinsed. The color is a rich dark coffee color that I found very appealing!I followed the shampoo with the Soothe Those Jitters Conditioner for outstanding results. It had a thinner consistency than conditioner and was more like a lotion in texture. I liked this. The best part was that it rinsed clean and quickly. The best test for conditioner is my six-year-old’s hair. She has extremely thin, stick-straight hair and most conditioners leave her hair limp and stringy. She thought she was a movie star when her hair dried after we used the Sooth Those Jitters Conditioner on her hair. It was bouncy and full of body. Don’t you just love weightless conditioners!

Then the shower became a haven of deliciousness as I used the Triple Shot 3-in-1 Coffee Shower Gel. To begin with, the smell is sensational. While I have no sense of smell, as soon as I opened the bathroom door, my son and husband wanted to know what I was using because the smell was so good! While it was wowing everyone’s senses, it left my skin feeling clean and supple. The lather was luxurious and I couldn’t wait to shower again. 

The final product I tried was the Room for Cream Exotic Origin Body Creme. I live in Utah, a desert, by most climate standards. We have dry summers and cold winters. My skin bears proof of this. Most lotions are greasy and make me “sweat” under them. Room for Cream was totally different. It went on silky smooth and my skin lapped it up–like a great cup of coffee–It was sheer and really unnoticeable. At the end of the day, I was impressed by how smooth my skin was and it was not dry at all. This body creme is intense in moisture and light on feel!

Each of the products are available on their own, or in the Barista Bath and Body “I’ll Take That to Go” travel kit, which contains all four in two-ounce sizes tucked in a chic burlap pouch.

Overall, I’m impressed with Barista Bath and Body. Their marketing department adds to the product with the fun names. They are all products that have the aroma of coffee and provide a luxurious, soothing result whether it’s hair or body.
I received the Barista Bath and Body, “I’ll Take That to Go” Travel Kit in order to facilitate an honest review. No other compensation was received. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.
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