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Li’l Man has been in heaven this week with his sister willing to play with him. Together they have discovered the REDAKAI universe, where good and evil are locked in an intense struggle for the same mysterious energy force: Kairu. In the hands of good, Kairu is a living force that guides the universe. But in the hands of evil, Kairu can be a destructive force unlike anything else. Those who learn to wield this energy become Kairu Warriors, and they aspire to join the ranks of the most powerful Kairu masters: The Redakai.


They seemed to catch on much more quickly than I did. I ended up just being the narrator for a bit and sharing the story of the two Redakai Masters:

redakai card game

Many years ago, a great battle took place between two powerful Redakai masters, Boaddai and Lokar — a battle that would forever change the universe’s fate. Known today as the Great Cataclysm, the event resulted in the destruction of the planet Nevrod and the scattering of Kairu energy across Earth.

The Redakai of Earth has assigned their most promising warriors to find and collect Kairu energy. Their greatest challenge remains the villainous Lokar, who has assembled his own teams of warriors to find the Kairu before the Redakai. With the universe’s fate at stake, good and evil are put to the ultimate test.

These cards are awesome as the feature 3D monsters and animated attacks.

Redakai products can be found at your local hobby or retail store. Some products, like the Championship Set, come with a helpful rulebook, but we also have some great tutorials online.

To start, you’ll want to click here to download the tutorials for the Basic Game or the Advanced Game. For a little more info, here’s a breakdown:

Basic Game

Anyone can play the Basic Game, which is very easy to learn. Each player needs one pack, and you’re ready to go!

About the Basic Game!

The kiddos have played this about five times, and they always get up with big smiles, regardless of the outcome. They think it is a fun break from everything else and enjoy the ability to make this game their own through the stacking.

There are two things I hear my children talk about when it comes to Redaki. The first is that it has a portable case so it’s easy to “go and get the game”. It’s also small enough that Li’l Man has packed it in his backpack for our out and about errands. That’s always nice. Plus, it’s a portable battlefield!

The second feature is that it’s simple. There’s no math. They stack the cards on top of each other. They love the 3D technology that makes the action come to life.

Redakai cards are available at your favorite retailer or on Amazon.  The Redakai Starter Pack retails for $12.99. This product is recommended for ages 6 and up.

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