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Quest for Zhu is Out of This Zhu-niverse

Quest for Zhu
My kiddos are super Zhu Zhu pet fans. Our basement is a constant maze for the toy critters. Up until now, that’s where the fun remained, however, now there’s a first full length movie Quest for Zhu  that hit shelves September 27th!  The movie features the  four original Zhu Zhu pets Pipsqueak, Mr.Squiggles, NumNums, and Chunk and they are doing it all while  bringing the Zhu-Universe into homes across America!
Quest for Zhu
“When Pipsqueak magically travels to the land of ZhuZhu, she finds a whole world filled with colorful and friendly Zhus! Mr.Squiggles, NumNums, Chunk, and Stinker join Pipsqueak on an exciting adventure in her quest to find her way back home! With the help of the Great Wizard ZhuFu, the Zhus learn the value of friendship, cooperation, and hamster power! “

It was enough fun that my Zhunatics wanted to share the feature with their friends. We hosted a Quest for Zhu Movie Party, courtesy of MomSelect. It was complete with posters, movie candy and exclusive Zhu figurines! Add all this to the excitement and we had a tremendous party.

Quest for Zhu hit Shelves on Sept. 27

No Adults were permited, though since our movie party, I’ve watched it a hundred times at least. It’s a favorite for sure. I was warned about Mezhula, the villain, who chases the tiny Zhus. I asked if it was terrifying and the kiddos said, “We’re not gonna lie, it’s a little scary so be brave!”

The guests all commented on the music. They loved it. Thankfully I like it too since it’s what my kiddos sing in the car, around the house and everywhere.  It’s great fun! It’s also not a musical movie…the singing remains at the beginning at the end…I thank the stars in the Zhuniverse for this!

Quest for Zhu is a movie that is requested for bed time or quiet time. I find my kiddos curled up together watching this movie over and over again. It is one they truly enjoy.

I’ve watched it, as I mentioned, and it has a story line that is engaging enough to keep me interested.

This character is a little frightening

This character is a little frightening

There is one scary part when the zhus make it to the palace. It’s not terribly frightening but it should be noted.

If Zhus run amuck in your house, as they do mine, this is a must-have movie. It’s a lot of fun and the animation, I think, is clever.
*I received a Quest for Zhu Movie Pack from MomSelect. The opinions where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary. 
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