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Quagmire Kids Color Fusion That Will Blow Your Mind Review

Remember those awesome HyperColor tee-shirts from the 1980s? Well Quagmire Kid’s shirts is bringing back color-fusion. I couldn’t believe it when I heard about it. Quagmire shirts are color-changing shirts, just like the ones from our past.

My kiddos do not even let me pretend to believe they think the 1980s were cool. They guffaw at pictures of our hair, our clothes. They squirm and roll their eyes at the music and videos from my youth. It’s sad.

Quagmire Kids has me gaining respect. It’s just as “rad” as it was back then, regardless of who you are.

I introduced my 1980s blast to my li’l generation of nay-sayers. We started with the shirt:

Quagmire Kids Color Fusion Tee Shirts--Mommy's Memorandum

Quagmire Kids Color Fusion Tee Shirts

Then I had The Divine Miss M put it on:

Quagmire Kids Color Fusion Tee Shirts--Mommy's Memorandum

The Divine Miss M models the Quagmire Color Fusion shirt

They thought it was really cool that it changed from purple to pink. Then came the tricky part. Where the shirt touched The Divine Miss M wouldn’t go back to purple! After several tests and having her sit in front of the air-conditioned, we decided she her body heat was too high…to be fair it was in the 90’s and we live in a dry desert.

We continued to try–moving and staying indoors.

Quagmire Kids Color Fusion Tee Shirts--Mommy's Memorandum

The Divine Miss M watching mimicking her dad


With prodding from Mom and Dad we had The Divine Miss M touch her shirt.

Quagmire Kids Color Fusion Tee Shirts--Mommy's Memorandum

The Divine Miss M shows how Quagmire color fuses!

This time when she removed her hand the peanut gallery went wild! They squealed with amazement, wanting to know how The Divine Miss M made such magic.

I replied, “That’s the 80s, Baby!”

Li’l Man was the first to come forward and say, “Let me try that!”

Quagmire Kids Color Fusion Tee Shirts--Mommy's Memorandum

Li’l Man places his hand on the Quagmire Shirt

He counted to five. You know, just to be sure. Then removed his hand.

Quagmire Kids Color Fusion Tee Shirts--Mommy's Memorandum

How cool is that?!

At this point, I couldn’t help myself. I burst into Forienger, “I”m hot blooded, check it and see, I gotta fever of a hundred and three….”

The Divine Miss M has worn her Quagmire Kids shirt to school several times. The first time, when she came home she said, “This shirt is so cool! Everyone wanted to touch me!”

While Mom doesn’t stand a chance of making anything from the 1980s cool, Quagmire Kids bringing back the Color Fusion gear has a whole new generation in awe. Blow someone’s mind this holiday with a Quagmire Kids tee-shirt and be reminiscent (quietly) about how great life is!

Available in children’s sizes 4-14, with a suggested retail between $25-$39. Quagmire Kids are available on their website, at, at the Bay on Queen Street in Toronto, and through online and retail locations.

About Quagmire Kids:

Quagmire’s new state-of-the-art technology will blow your mind. Quagmire’s ColorFusion Polos and T’s are known as “The shirts that change color with heat!!” A common misconception is that your armpits will be the only thing that changes, not the case so don’t sweat it! The whole shirt will change and anyway if you are worried about that and you can’t handle the “heat” then you’re not cool enough to be wearing Quagmire.

If you want to get technical, the Colorfusion shirts will begin changing at 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit for our friends in the USA) so they work best on perfect warm days. This product is meant to last and you can wash and dry these shirts just as you would all of your others. Oh by the way they are perfectly safe as well! For boys and girls, the shirts for ages 4-to-14 come in sizes XS-XXL.

*I received Quagmrie Kids in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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