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Preparation is Key to a Perfect Delivery Day

You’ve made it through the trimester to-dos and are ready for the pregnancy to be over, looking forward to delivery day.

Spending the time now getting ready for the big day will save you loads of stress, worry, and fretting when the day eventually arrives. Take just a few minutes each day preparing yourself, and your family, for your little one’s arrival.

pregnant woman with belly showing holding white onesie preparing for the perfect delivery day

Preparation is Key to a Perfect Delivery Day

Write your plans and wishes on a shortlist.

Making your list will be easy if you start with the words: Who? What? When? Where? How? Make sure your spouse or other primary support person has a copy of your list. When the delivery day comes, having a list will help everyone feel calm, assured, and working together.

Make a folder with copies of your insurance information;

admission papers and any other necessary paperwork you think may be needed on your big day.

Add the phone numbers of your doctor/midwife and your hospital to your cell phone speed dials.

Keep your phones charged.

Decide in advance if you want video or photos of your delivery.

If you do, name one person who will be responsible for this task. Be clear about your hopes and expectations for your video or photos. Don’t forget extra batteries!

Write a list of whom you want to be notified of the big event.

Who will be your backup support person?

Talk to your spouse about the benefits of cord blood banking.

Notify your doctor of your decision and include this in your written list. You can learn more from viacord.

Pack an overnight bag for mom and dad.

Overnight bags should include front-closing nightgown for mom, robes, slippers, underwear, nursing pads and bra, toiletries and a book or magazine.

Pack a special bag for baby.

Include a sleeper, a soft beanie cap, a soft blanket, socks, booties, and diapers for the ride home.

Install the car seat for the new baby.

Having the car seat installed beforehand will decrease the stress it may cause if you wait until the last minute to install it. New parents may need a little extra time to get used to the installation process.

Making sure you have some coin change available may be helpful.

Vending machines at the hospital, parking meters, and a myriad of other machines require them. It is hard to know what you will need, or at what hours you might find yourself needing it.

In the end, you will be glad for every moment of preparation you spend. Every minute spent planning now is one more minute spent enjoying your new addition on your special day.

Katie Moore wrote this article. Katie is an active writer within the blogging community who discusses maternity, motherhood, prenatal health, childbirth, and other topics within this niche. 


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