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Pot of Gold Craft #DIY

Everyone loves gold and this craft is fun to make, a beauty to behold and can be eaten! My kiddos love the opportunity to paint and share these with their classmates.

Pot of Gold Supplies:

Small terracotta pot or baby food jar
Black Paint and paintbrush (or Black Spray Paint)
Green Shred or Easter Grass
Gold Candies (We prefer Rolos; however, chocolate coins or Reese’s miniatures work well too)
Pipe Cleaners in the color of a rainbow (red, orange, green, blue, yellow, purple)

Pot of Gold Instructions:

Using the black paint, paint your jar or pot black.
Let dry.
Fill the pot with shreds or grass. (You can also add crumpled paper as filler, depending on how full you want the pot of gold)
Add the “gold” (candies)
Line up the pipe cleaners in the colors you want. Fold into a U or rainbow shape. Place pipe cleaners in the pot so they form a rainbow over the pot of gold.
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