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Popular Ride-Ons For Hours Of Active Fun

One of the greatest pleasures of motherhood involves watching our children gain confidence and independence as they grow. From the moment they first start to walk, countless children are destined for one thing – to own a ride-on toy such as a scooter, trike, or bike. While there is no denying that a ride-on can provide a child with hours of entertainment, the myriad of options available is enough to leave any parent feeling somewhat overwhelmed. Apart from deciding what type of ride-on is best suited to your child, decisions also have to be made concerning style, color, and functionality. Hopefully, a few detailed guidelines will make it significantly easier to pick a wheeled toy that your child will cherish and benefit from.

Ride-ons have various benefits.

In addition to being a fun toy to play on, a ride-on can also boost a child’s physical and intellectual development. Riding on scooters, trikes, and bikes can all boost gross motor skills and enhance balance, which, in turn, may improve self-confidence as well as independence. Playing on a ride-on can also help develop a child’s imagination as they pretend to ride on a horse or drive to a friend’s house for a play date. Providing a child with a ride-on can also help nurture social and emotional development in a child, as it enables them to make new friends with other children who are also having fun on their ride-on.

Kids of all ages love scooters.

Scooters are one of the most popular types of ride-on for children of all ages (and even some young-at-heart adults). Although younger children are generally happy just to have a scooter to play on, older children may have more specific desires involving the ride-on’s brand, color, style, and performance, says the Wall Street Journal. Due to their attention to both the appearance and features of their scooters, brands such as Razor, Lascoota, and Fuzion are considered some of the biggest trendsetters in the sector. It is, therefore, not surprising that some of the best kids scooters this year include the Razor A3 Kick, Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick, and the Fuzion X-5 Pro shares MomLovesBest.

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Pick the right scooter for your child.

As much as your child may have their heart set on a specific scooter, it is important to first familiarize yourself with the options available before choosing one that is age-appropriate and meets all your other requirements in terms of safety features, weight, and storability. You can commence your scooter-finding mission by deciding what type of scooter you’re looking for. Two-wheel and three-wheel scooters are both popular and suitable for beginners. Caster scooters also have three wheels, but they have two wheels in the back as opposed to the front (on a standard three-wheeler) and offer a fun approach to scooting. Choose a scooter that your child can safely enjoy, and also invest in a set of safety gear that includes a helmet and elbow and knee pads.

Trikes make for a great first ride-on

Many children’s first experience on a ride-on comes in the form of a trike. Even toddlers between the ages of 12 and 24-months can enjoy the ride-on experience offered by a toddler trike that sports a handlebar for parents to steer it with. These trikes and learn-to-ride trikes can typically be used both inside and outdoors and are a great way to teach children how to pedal. When choosing a trike for your child, there are quite a few things to look out for. Safety should be a top priority: the last thing any mom wants is for their little one to get hurt while playing. Other useful features to look out for include an adjustable seat and handlebars, appropriate weight capacity, a storage basket, and even a removable canopy to protect against the sun.

New trike trends emerge every year.

While many moms might have grown up during the ‘one-trike-fits-all’ era, the market has since become inundated with countless ride-on adaptations that have been providing entertainment to children for centuries. Some of the most popular offerings of the year include the Radio Flyer 4-in-1, the Schwinn Roadster Tricycle, and the Fisher-Price Harley Davidson Tough Trike. Although each trike has a unique set of features that will make them more (or less) suitable for a specific child, these models all have one thing in common: they promise a safe, enjoyable ride.

Bicycles remain a favorite toy.

Buying a bicycle for your child is a big deal. Whether it’s their first bike or they have already mastered the art of riding, many things need to be considered before parting with any money. While it may seem like a good idea to buy a bike that your child can grow into, it is hardly ever a good idea. Your child’s safety will be compromised when they do not have sufficient control over a too-large bike, but the chances are good they won’t be comfortable while riding either. Instead, opt for a bicycle of the right size that is safer to ride and undoubtedly makes for a more enjoyable riding experience, says Bill Bone Bike Law.

Be aware of the latest trends.

When you buy a bicycle, you will do so according to your child’s age and skill level. You may also want to earn some ‘cool-mom’ points by familiarizing yourself with the latest trends. Training wheels, for example, are out this year, while balance bikes are a hot commodity. Strider and Woom have a range of trendy balance bikes that sport the latest safety and comfort features. Clearly and Proline both have a reputation for developing quality children’s bikes, with the Proline Micro being considered one of the best starter BMXs on the market. Other popular offerings include the Cannondale Cujo 24 and the TCX Espoir 26. 

Ride-ons can provide children with hours of healthy, active entertainment. By choosing a safe and age-appropriate ride-on for your child, you can keep them busy and boost their well-being.

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