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In a Pikle: The Small Purse that Removes the Drama! Paisley Print Dill Pikle

Pikle /‘pik(e)l/, noun. Compact organizers with essential convenience items needed for life’s little emergencies. All the things you need disguised as a fashionable accessory. Meet the In A Pikle!

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Not your ordinary small purse!

I take at least a small purse with me wherever I go, however, many times I have found myself In a Pikle. I know the phrase as that old-time charm, but the reality is it means “stuck in a difficult situation”. Oh, Dear Shakespeare, who is credited as the originator of the phrase “in a pickle” in The Tempest. My point is, too often, I’ve been out and about with my purse and found the need for something I didn’t have on hand. Most often a Kleenex.

I’ve witnessed others “in a Pikle” moments–the bridesmaid who needed a needle and thread. The co-worker who turns her shirt inside out when lunch was messy and there was no stain stick. Okay, that was me. How about being in the car, spontaneously deciding to take a detour to get a snack at your favorite place, realizing you have a coupon and NO scissors. Life’s little emergencies come from out of nowhere.

These days I have a new travel companion, In a Pikle, whose motto is “Life is Crazy, Dill with it!” It’s the perfect empowerment that proves dynamite comes in small packages. Beyond the motto, In a Pickle has a theme–you guessed it, pickles! They create small purses that look like designer wallets and fit easily into your purse, backpack, glove compartment or diaper bag. All of the purses have pickle names such as “Dill Pikle”, “Sweet Pikle”. “Bread and Butter Pikle”, even “Pepper Pikle”. It’s fun, isn’t it!

I picked out the Dill Pickle.

Dill Pikle small purse

I found In a Pikle online and thought the concept was a genius. I have a child who is overly prepared for everything. Dragging a backpack with me seems bulky and cumbersome, but these purses are fun and girly. When my In a Pikle arrived. I discovered I really LOVE this brand and its concept.

The Small Purse with a Starter Pack

Not only are the purses whimsical and fun, but In a Pikle also offers Starter Packs to load the purse and be ready for whatever life throws at you. Mine arrived with the In a Pikle Basic Starter Pack.

dill pikle and starter pack from in a pikle


Remove the “In a Pikle” cover from the packaging and place on a flat surface with the inside of the bag facing up.

inside an In a pikle purse

Next, unsnap the interior straps.

Remove the empty “In a Pikle” interior bags from the packaging. Place the four clear bags on top of each other and line up the holes.

snap the interior snaps

Place the four bags over the exposed snaps and snap the interior straps closed to secure the interior bags in place.

in a pikle starter pack


The next step is the fun part–open the starter pack and start packing those pockets with the tools that will be your problem solvers. We’re talking scissors, thread, needles, measuring tape, tweezers, nail clippers, adhesive bandages, anti-bacteria wipes, laundry pen, pen and paper, mirror with dental floss, and more! There are even tiny screwdrivers for when your eyeglasses need adjustment or the kiddos have a toy requiring battery replacement. There’s a pill box, tissues, spray sanitizer and more!

In addition, the In a Pikle bag has elastic straps on each side of the purse, making it easy to add items that may be too large for the interior bags, like a full-size pen, your cell phone, a larger notepad, etc.

in a pikle bag filled with life's emergency stoppers

My In a Pikle bag was stuffed. I thought there was no way I was going to get it closed with all the stuff packed into it to keep me out of a pickle. I rolled the bag and voila!

loaded in a pikle small purse

No detail has been overlooked with In a Pikle. The small purses also include a zippered back pocket on the bag. Tuck away some cash, an affirmation or business cards. This purse has it all when it comes to options!

Get yours In a Pikle Small Purse Today!

In a Pikle bags are available online through the In a Pikle website. Pricing starts at just $29.99. 

They are trendy and hold everything a girl needs! I love mine. This small purse offers so many possibilities.

The In A Pikle Story:

They say fortune favors the fortunate, but we believe there’s something more magical at play. Back in 2004, fate brought us together as neighbors, just a stone’s throw away from each other. And in an instant, a deep and lasting friendship was forged. Our children were the same age, our husbands shared an uncommon first name, and we both embraced the incredible and demanding role of being a full-time mom.

But life took an unexpected turn in 2006 when Tamara relocated to the breathtaking landscapes of Southern Utah. We yearned for a way to keep our friendship alive despite the distance. Then, in 2007, Marianne surprised Tamara with a heartfelt birthday visit, armed with a homemade gift that would become the catalyst for something extraordinary. It was a one-of-a-kind “emergency kit” ingeniously crafted from a hot pad and some snack baggies. Tamara was overjoyed with the thoughtful gesture and soon after, she called Marianne with a brilliant vision—to create and offer these remarkable little organizers to other busy moms like themselves.

This venture hasn’t always been a smooth ride, but it has allowed us to blossom both personally and professionally. Along the way, we’ve gathered a treasure trove of wisdom and experiences. Life can be utterly chaotic, and we often find ourselves “In A Pikle” (trust us, we have stories to tell!), but this nifty organizer has become our saving grace, helping us “Dill With It.”

We sincerely hope that you’ll give our product a try, fall in love with it, and enthusiastically spread the word to your friends. We also invite you to share your own “In A Pikle” Moments with us. Occasionally, we reward our customers with complimentary products through our Facebook pages when they publicly give us a #PikleProps shout-out on their social media accounts. It’s as simple as sharing on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter how your “Pikle” or “Bundle” came to the rescue, using the hashtag #PikleProps. Check back regularly to see if your moment is celebrated! It couldn’t be easier!

Thank you for gracing our website with your presence and joining us in our dream. To all those harboring similar dreams, we extend our heartfelt wishes for unwavering determination, resounding success, and the blessing of a steadfast friend to accompany you on your journey.

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