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Pawparazzi Review


One day while window shopping at Gateway, a strip mall downtown, my daughter found Pawparazzi Pets in The Discovery Store. She was hooked! We have no pets–I have enough responsibility to the husband and children. Now we have a Pawparazzi Pet named Indy. This is his story.

Pawparazzi Pets are small plush animals that are “celebrities.” Pawparazzi Pets include:  Daisy – the tennis star,  Lexi – the Fashion Designer, Misty – the  News Anchor, Roxy – the Talk Show Host, Toby – the eccentric artist and our “pet” Indy – the famous author

Each Pawparazzi Pet comes with a styling purse, to be carried around, as only a celebrity should! There are a matching leash and collar for those important walks. A soft blanket to snuggle under.  Celebrity Magazine highlighting the latest trends and news. For the new owner,  a matching mini-note pad and a pop-out trading card on the back of the box!

What celebrity doesn’t require accessories and outfits? Your Pawparazzi Pet can enjoy the glam life with some fun and fabulous outfits– each sold separately. Our Indy arrived with the “Day at the Spa Set.” Also available are the “Dream Birthday,” “Flower Fairy,” and “Winter Holiday.”
For the royal treatment, Pawparazzi Pets can lounge on their Pet Bed, available in frisky leopard print or a solid pink set.

Pawparazzi Pets also have a world of play with the Hotel Pawparazzi Set and the Luxury Pawparazzi Set.

Indy was quickly “adopted” and taken off to the “resort” of his dreams where my two girls and son love him like the celebrity he is.

There is a variety of the pet with purse toys available, but none of them seem to capture my children’s hearts and imagination like Pawparazzi. I love that each Pawparazzi has it’s own “career, ” and from the Pop-Out Card, ou get a feel of your pet’s personality.

Noodle Head also markets their product with young girls who look their age and as a mom, I appreciate that.

The fun also continues on the Pawparazzi Website where there are interactive activities like “Caught on Camera” and a Pawparazzi Fan Club. It’s a wholesome fan centered around a great toy!

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post.  I received the items mentioned in this post  from the sponsor for review purpoases. The opinions above are my own and were not in any way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experience may vary.
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