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On a Personal Note…

A Spectacular Weekend!

I want to be six again!

Last week, The Divine Miss M received her first “official” birthday party invitation. It has been the dinner conversation topic every night. Excitement couldn’t contain itself and lead to a phone call either in the morning or after school to her Dad to tell him, “We have to get a birthday present”!

Finally, Friday was a BIG day. I think she was possibly more excited than the Birthday Girl! She took a nap after school, without complaint. When she awoke we showered and got dressed.

on way to a party


Then, we took this schnazzy picture and dropped her off at the party. It went an hour past her bedtime! Back home we heard about the party in great detail. Life is mighty good at six!

The party was anticipated so much that this next part became sort of an “Oh, yeah” thing.

Every day, first thing through the door, we unload the backpack. It’s typically pages of coloring, perfecting handwriting, learning to ________, etc. Occasionally, we get something outside the everyday routine. Friday was just such a day.

Since the beginning of school, The Divine Miss M has had “goals”. Mostly this translates to..” if I can get a certificate, I’m going to do it.”

She’s been knocking the goals out of the park…Reflections she earned TWO medals, Science Fair was the first place. She’s been Cub of the Month, Benchmarked twice, blah…blah…blah…On Friday she met another goal…she earned a spot in the “200 Club”!

celebrating the certificate

This is a great honor, the “200 Club”. It means you were polite, helpful, had a good attitude and did your best. She is very proud…but we did have a party to get to…

Isn’t six just the coolest age?!

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