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Trendy Tadpole…Witty. Hip. Trendy Review


Make no mistake. My kiddos all have an amazing sense of humor. I was excited when I discovered Trendy Tadpole as their shirts have witty sayings to match my kiddos’ wit!

Li’l Man got to pick the shirt he wanted to review. It took him awhile…Trendy Tadpole has sooooo many fun ones. Finally, he made up his mind, “King of the Playground”. It was perfect for him. He may be my youngest, but out on the playground he transforms to the behaviors of an “oldest child” being bossy–trust me, I’m the oldest, I know!

Julie, the owner, gave us the heads up that the shirts tend to run small. Normally, Li’l Man wears a 4/5. I took the “good advice” and ordered a 6.

Li’l Man  made sure to tell everyone he was getting a “Trendy Tadpole” shirt and it was going to say, “King of the Playground because I am!”

When the shirt arrived, I was in love -just like that-and my love affair with Trendy Tadpole products has officially been revealed.

The shirt is SUPER soft. It is unreal how luxurious this shirt feels! Made of cotton so it’s breathable and a great accessory for sensitive skin.


The size 6 fit Li’l Man perfectly. I was glad to have paid attention and ordered one size up as a 4/5 would have NOT fit. Be sure and check out the sizing chart before ordering.

The shirt is black. Normally, my expression of black clothing is this: “It picks up everything but money and men!” Not this shirt. I swear it has a teflon shield. At the end of the day, after rolling on the rugs, playing outside and just wearing it, the Trendy Tadpole black shirt looked like he just put it on–except for some peanut butter smears and chocolate! I was impressed.

I’m a tag reader when it comes to my laundry. I noticed that Trendy Tadpole shirts are made in the United States. I’m all about that!


I turned the shirt inside out and washed it in cold water with our other clothes–no preferential treatment! I was VERY impressed when the laundry was finished as the Trendy Tadpole shirt looked good as new. The site cautions, that in addition to running small in size, they tend to shrink. I did not experience any shrinking.

The shirt has been worn for three days and washed as many times. Li’l Man is rough and tough and Trendy Tadpole is one tee shirt that is able to keep up with him. It’s still extremely soft and the print on the front is not cracked or peeling and looks excellent!

This is hands down Li’l Man’s new favorite shirt!

Trendy Tadpole is a great product and I love the witty and fun sayings offered on their shirts. They appeal to my children and have a saying that I can hear my own children saying.

The shirts are reasonably priced, starting at just $11. They offer a great selection of styles: snapsuits, lap tees, and raglan (sizes 2, 4, 6, 8).

Once you select your style you can also choose your sleeve length–short, long, or three-quarter.

Sizing starts at 3-6 months and goes up to a size 8 and on most shirts you have the option to select a color! They also offer adult sizes on some shirts–up to a Woman’s XL!!!

Right now they have a promotion going where you can get a free shirt when you buy a shirt:

Spread the Word

1. Place order
2. Tell 10 people about the site preferably via email.

3. Write your shirt choice in the comment box when checking out (sleeve length, color, etc)

I encourage you to take a peek at all the fun shirts offered at Trendy Tadpole. They truly are some of the most fun, and toughest wearing shirts I’ve encountered!

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was provided for this post. I did receive the tee-shirt mentioned above from the sponsor for review purposes. The opinion is my own and was in no way impacted by the sponsor. This review is my own experience, others’ may vary.

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