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My Grandfather was the Original GLEEK

There are very few moments where I can say I was embarrassed. I’m outgoing so when I tell you I am a GLEEK, I say it proudly.

I remember in Seventh Grade I took choir. I sat next to my dear friend, Jen. There we were singing to determine if we were Altos or Sopranos. It was a duo-display of voices as we went around the room and the teacher “labeled” us.

Then it was Jen and my turn. She started giggling incessantly because she said, “you sound like you’re talking”. It’s true. I can’t sing!

From there, as a new mom, I dutifully taught my son his favorite church song. By the end of the day, he had it down pat, so when Dad walked through the door, Jake was proud to sing it for him. Then Dad started singing it. It should be noted here that Dad IS musically inclined. He is NOT tone-deaf. As the beautiful notes came out of Dad’s mouth, Jake said, “Dad, that’s NOT how it goes!” You see, I am a stellar teacher and taught Jake the song out of tempo and how to sing it as if he were tone deaf!

It doesn’t stop me. I sing loudly. I sing along with the iPod, the radio and sometimes I just make it a solo act! I ignore that I am tone deaf. Jake has moved out of my teaching him music and has some serious talent.

Today, my cousin, Karla shared with me pictures of our grandparents.

bill meeks and jana meeks

Then I saw it! It was hilarious to see Grandpa, who will be 92 on Ground Hog’s Day as a rambunctious tot with some serious chubby cheeks.It was a great moment to see our deceased grandmother as a beautiful young bride.

This picture:

There it is, etched in my grandmother’s stunning handwriting, “Boy’s Glee Club-1939” and an arrow pointing to Grandpa in his Stud Muffin Years (he was 20 here). It is evidence that my paternal Grandfather, Bill, was indeed THE Original GLEEK!

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