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GuideCraft Weight Box Review

Discover weight and measurement the fun way with Guidecraft’s Weight Box! Perfect for hands-on learning at home or in the classroom.

Guidecraft Weight Box: A Playful Learning Tool

History of the Guidecraft Weight Box

The Guidecraft Weight Box is an educational toy designed to introduce children to the concept of weight and measurement. It has its roots in Montessori and Waldorf educational principles, which emphasize hands-on learning. The Weight Box has been a valuable tool in classrooms and homes for many years, helping children develop essential math and science skills while having fun. 

What is a Guidecraft Weight Box?

The Guidecraft Weight Box is a set of wooden cubes, each of a different weight, that children can explore and compare. It’s often used in combination with a balance scale, but it can also be used individually. The cubes are typically made from high-quality, child-safe materials, making them durable and safe for young learners.

Versions of the Weight Box

There are various versions of the Guidecraft Weight Box available, with different numbers of cubes and weight variations. Some sets may include as few as six cubes, while others can have up to 12 or more. Each set offers a unique learning experience, allowing children to progress from basic comparisons to more advanced weight-related activities.

Understanding the Play: The Weight Cubes

The weight cubes come in different sizes and colors, making them visually engaging for children. They vary in weight from lightest to heaviest, allowing kids to experiment with concepts like heavy and light. Each cube is typically labeled with its weight, making it easy for children to identify and compare them.

Expert Tips

  1. Start with basic comparisons: Encourage children to pick two cubes and determine which one is heavier.
  2. Gradually introduce the balance scale to explore concepts like equal weight.
  3. Create games and challenges to keep learning fun and engaging.


The weight cubes should be stored in their original box or a container to prevent loss or damage. Keep them in a dry, cool place.

Leftover Information

This educational tool has no leftovers – only the knowledge children gain during play!

FAQs for the Guidecraft Weight Box

  1. Is the Guidecraft Weight Box suitable for all ages?
    • While it’s primarily designed for early childhood education, older kids can also benefit from weight and measurement concepts using this tool.
  2. Can I purchase additional weight cubes?
    • Yes, some sets offer expansion packs with extra cubes.
  3. Is the Guidecraft Weight Box safe for children?
    • Yes, it’s typically made from child-friendly, non-toxic materials.
  4. How can I incorporate the Weight Box into home learning?
    • Use it as a tool for informal science experiments, math games, or as part of a homeschooling curriculum.

GuideCraft Weight Box Review

As a mom, I tend to miss the simple toys where we use our imagination, like those created by GuideCraft. I get tired of batteries. I become a nervous wreck around a toy that gibber-jabbers and has sound effects that are motion censored or just keep going.

My five-year-old has a difference of opinion. Among his favorites is Optimus Prime who taunts me with his challenge to a death match if I don’t surrender the Spark. Back in April, it all changed thanks to GuideCraft and their Weight Box. It’s a simple toy that seven months later is still the center of my five-year-old’s Favorites!

Smooth cylinders of wood are weighted with one side color coded to add to the fun. Li’l Man is, to date, the running champion of his challenge. Anyone who enters our home must go against Li’l Man in the quest to claim the MOST correctly matched pairs in a game of concentration. The game seems easy peasy. Pick up the cylinders, weigh them in your hands and when you’re ready to lock in your guess, turn the cylinders over to see if you have a matching pair of weighted cylinders.

Many have participated in this challenge and some have even gotten a few right. Li’l Man, however, has a record four matching pairs in one game! He  is proud of this skill. It requires concentration because the GuideCraft Weight Box is tricky. The cylinders are VERY close in weight.

Some start their quest by sorting the cylinders lightest to heaviest. Others sort from heaviest to lightest. Li’l Man’s method is to just reach in and wing it!

Li’l Man Practices to Keep His Title

The GuideCraft Weight Box is an excellent toy in that it generates fun while at the same time engaging concentration, hones a skill of logic and continues to make the Top of the Toy Favorites even seven months later!

Available through the GuideCraft website, the weight box has a manufacturer’s suggested retail of just $35.99 and will become a family favorite at your house as well. GuideCraft can also be found at a store near you!

Alternate Names for the Guidecraft Weight Box

  • Weight Cylinders
  • Weight Blocks
  • Montessori Weight Set

In summary, the Guidecraft Weight Box is a fantastic educational resource for introducing children to the fundamental concepts of weight and measurement. It’s a versatile and engaging tool that can be used in various learning settings, promoting hands-on exploration and active learning. Whether you’re a parent or an educator, this unique tool can be an excellent addition to your teaching or playtime arsenal.


received a Guidecraft Weight Box in order to facilitate an honest review. No other compensation was received. Prize fulfillment will be done through the sponsor. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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