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Moosh-Moosh Soft Plush Buddies Review

 We received an Moosh-Moosh Soft Plush Buddies in exchange for this review. All opinions and our love for the softest cuddle plush remain our own.

Because Holiday Mush Isn’t Just for Mistletoe

Even those who can’t stand the mush happening under the mistletoe this holiday will love the Smooshy Mushy gift of Moosh-Moosh Soft Plush Buddies!

These collectible cuddle characters are marshmallow-soft, squishy animal pillows that are adorable!

They are trending this holiday. We have seen them in the aisles of Michael’s craft store and on the shelves at CVS. When the box arrived for us, my kiddos knew immediately they were Moosh-Moosh!


These snugly characters were released earlier this year and more than three million characters have been sold.

They are the perfect snuggle. You can squish them, or stack them, and they are incredibly cute just to look at. They remind me so much of my childhood.

Moosh-Moosh would be ideal as a stocking stuffer, dreidel game prize or an under-the-tree surprise.

The product line includes soft plushies that are palm-size (4-inches) clip-on ($5.99) to a huggable seven-inch regular ($9.99) and there is even an ultimate ten-inch large ($14.99).

Unlike your bed pillow, Moosh-Moosh has adoring eyes and ears. They are perfect for little ones to share their secrets with and keep company throughout their day.

MacKenzie was feeling under the weather and her Moosh-Moosh was a perfect companion.


Unicorns, dragons, and narwhals; oh, my! There is something for everyone to cuddle and snuggle in the Moosh-Moosh product line.

The top bestsellers are Crush the Shark (no doubt due to the baby shark song), Midnight the Cat, and Chunky Monkey. These are just three of the wide assortment of endearing personalities that everyone wants to just hug and squeeze. In fact, you’ll discover 72 styles on

The popularity of Moosh-Moosh has expanded its line for the Holiday 2018 Collection. Introducing Sequin Plushies that change color with the swipe of the hand as well as Christmas-themed plushies that resemble an elf, a snowman, a reindeer, or even Santa!

There’s a Moosh-Moosh Bank to save that Christmas cash that holds up to $100 in coins. As coins are dropped into the slot, children are rewarded with the endearing animal plush “talks” with each deposit.

Need more gift ideas? How about Moosh-Moosh slipperz! Treat the feet to super softness and a whimsical look that everyone in the room will smile upon. Cat? Shark? Bat or Pup? There are more than a dozen characters waiting to be wrapped up and snuggled. Moosh-Moosh Large, Regular and Clip-On sizes.

Give the gift of warmth and practicality with a combo Moosh-Moosh Hooded Blanket and Slipperz –at Walgreens. Keep little heads, shoulders, knees and toes covered with the softest fleece. The Hooded Blanket ($24.99), with its own endearing “eyes and ears” comes in six characters including Panda, Pug, Shark and Dino.

And since it’s the holidays, I love a company that does good deeds!

Moosh-Moosh is more than a logo and plush. It’s a company that cares. They donate their plush buddies as needs arise. An example, a Kindergarten teacher in Washington DC was looking for an educator discount to buy 28 plushing for her students. Two dozen soft friends were shipped compliments of Sean Price, VP of Business Development and Marketing to help the teacher and bring smiles to her students.

A bigger shout-out came from Omaha, Nebraska, home of Elliott’s Hoedown for ATCP. After learning about the A-T Children’s Project, MMG Brands donated $11,000 worth of toys! The Midwest charity creates awareness for A-T (a rare, inherited disease that affects several organs and systems, including the nervous and the immune systems) and funnels donations to Johns Hopkins’ A-T clinic in Baltimore, Maryland.

This holiday, gift a snuggle, and cuddle with a Moosh-Moosh character. Their kid approved at our house (and Mom’s a fan too).

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