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Michie Tavern Joins Monticello: A Landmark Collaboration Redefining History!

Monticello’s Expansion: A New Chapter Unveiled

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation, a private nonprofit overseeing Monticello, just shared some exciting news. They’ve officially sealed the deal to acquire Michie Tavern, a cherished Virginia Historic Landmark nestled in Charlottesville, Virginia. Thanks to the generous support from some longtime advocates, this move is set to enhance the experience for Monticello visitors and those exploring the historical sites along the Route 53 corridor.

Tobias Dengel, Chair of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation Board of Trustees, expressed his sentiments, stating, “Michie Tavern is a beloved institution that has served our community and many Monticello visitors for years.” He emphasized the Foundation’s commitment to preservation and education, underscoring that this acquisition will safeguard Monticello’s entrance corridor and the Saunders-Monticello Trail. The aim is to preserve these areas for future generations while introducing new educational opportunities and interpretation experiences for guests.

in front of thomas jefferson's monticello

Michie Tavern’s Legacy: A Proud 55-Year Journey

Greg MacDonald, reflecting on his family’s proud 55-year ownership of Michie Tavern, shared, “My family and I are very proud of what we have accomplished.” He expressed delight in passing Michie Tavern’s legacy to the capable hands of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, ensuring that future generations can relish the experience they’ve worked hard to create.

Monticello is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition at Michie Tavern. All existing reservations will be honored, promising guests the same exceptional service and delectable cuisine that has made Michie Tavern a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Gardiner Hallock, Monticello’s interim president, drew parallels between Monticello and Michie Tavern as cherished historic sites bridging the past and present. He highlighted Michie Tavern’s role in offering a taste of the past to students, families, and tourists. The Foundation plans to collaborate with a nationally recognized partner to deliver coordinated experiences and amenities across Monticello, the Jefferson Vineyards, and Michie Tavern.

Hallock expressed gratitude to longstanding Monticello donors whose generosity made this acquisition possible. Originally built in western Albemarle County in 1784 and relocated near Monticello in 1927, Michie Tavern has stood as a gathering place for nearly 250 years. With its unique 18th-century Southern-inspired dining experience, the tavern has become a staple, including the Tavern Shop and General Shop, along with several other historic buildings. The agreement includes a customary study period and is anticipated to conclude this spring.

michie tavern

Photo Courtesy of Michie Tavern


About The Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation was incorporated in 1923 to preserve Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Today, the foundation seeks to bring history forward into national and global dialogues by engaging audiences with Jefferson’s world and ideas and inviting them to experience the power of place at Monticello and on its website. Monticello is recognized as a National Historic Landmark, a United Nations World Heritage Site and a Site of Conscience. As a private, nonprofit organization, the foundation does not receive ongoing government support to fund its twofold mission of preservation and education. For information, visit

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