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@MegaBloks Party Countdown!

So, MESS is hosting her Mega Bloks party tomorrow, and we are super excited!  She can’t wait to have her friends over to play. 

The big kiddos are excited that they get to see a movie with Papa Bear.  PapaBear is looking forward to a day off to prepare the house for the market.

Mommy, on the other hand, is wondering WHY we would plan a party for the Saturday after hosting Thanksgiving while I am 5 ½ months pregnant!  Luckily, MommyParties and Mega Bloks took all of the work out of planning this party.

With a house full of two- and three-year-olds, I definitely need a plan.  Remember the yummy foods we are serving?  Those are all set and ready to go, along with some stacked juice boxes and fresh fruit.  Now for activities!

MegaBloks Jungle

Getting to Know Your Mega Bloks Friends

First, the little guests will meet their new Jungle and Garden Friends. Each guest will open his / her bags and assemble one or all of his / her Friends. I hope each little tike will unlock her imagination and decorate the animals with the cool stickers in each bag.

Animal Sounds

Next, we will use the animals in the Jungle Friends bags to get everyone making and learning the sounds of the jungle. With a tiger, parrot, lion, and giraffe in tow, we’re sure to have a jammin’ jungle time!

 Switch it Up

What happens when you cross a tiger and a parrot? Or a ladybug and a bumblebee. I’m not sure, but I bet I will certainly find out! With 18 pieces in each friend’s bag, there will be endless building and learning possibilities.

 Demolition Party

We all know the little ones will enjoy building and creating things with their Mega Bloks, but what will they really LOVE!?!  KNOCKING THEM DOWN! And starting all over again, and again!

 What You Need:

  • Mega Bloks
  • Tennis Ball (or any lightweight ball)
  • Tape

 What You Do:

  • Children take turns building walls
  • Place the wall approximately 10 feet from a taped line on the floor
  • Children take turns on the “demolition team” by rolling the ball to knock down the wall

Find That Color!

 MegaBloks Garden

The Jungle and Garden friends come in a variety of vibrant colors. My little guests will be able to stimulate their imagination and learning skills while encouraging discovery, fine motor skills, and open-ended play. In this activity, I will test their knowledge of color. I’ll take note of the various colors in the Jungle and Garden Friends bags –yellow, purple, pink, black, orange, white etc. and, one by one, call out a color, allowing each guest a few seconds to determine whether or not they have the color.

Then each child will hold up the color block.

Of course, in between these fun activities, we will eat our lunch and end the day with MEGA sundaes!

Stay tuned for pictures from the big day!



Lauralee Saad loves homeschooling her three kiddos: Ballerina, age 8, Big Boy, age 6, and MESS, age 3.  She enjoys sewing when she can find a spare corner to set up her machine and dig out fabrics, cooking and baking – especially if the kiddos are helping, and enjoying a good book after the kiddos have gone to bed.  She is thrilled to be welcoming a baby girl into the family in March of 2012.

 *Megabloks and MomSelect sponsor our MegaBloks party. All opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.

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