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Mega Bloks Blok Squad – Fire Patrol Station #Review

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Mega Bloks is one of our favorite toys. I love that they inspire creativity and they entertain Li’l Man.  Before Li’l Man and many, many years ago, Mega Bloks entertained Zac and Jake. We still have a few of those!

We’ve been spending time, in between helping Charlotte the Great, playing with the Blok Squad Fire Patrol Station. It’s impressive, life-like and endless fun.


Mega Bloks Blok Squad Fire Patrol Station

Mega Bloks Blok Squad Fire Patrol Station

I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I took on this review.  After all, I’ve disclosed plenty of times that blocks are not one of my favorite things to pick up. When this set arrived my eyes rolled back so far in my head I thought they’d never come back when I saw the set has 956 pieces! That’s right. Count them 956 pieces. I double-checked the age group for the toy and it’s really designed for children 5 years and up.

While I was moaning, Li’l Man was cheering and doing high-fives in the air.

I cringed as the set was opened and hit the floor. There were shouts of victory from Li’l Man and then….he disappeared. For hours.

I’m rethinking the love/hate relationship.


After a little while Charlotte the Great asked, “Where’s the little guy?”

He was still playing with the fire set. Turns out, while this is blocks to the ordinary eye, it’s really a project. Li’l Man is still working on assembly. He won’t let anyone help him. He’s gaining a lot of engineer experience, “Like Grandpa Steve” he says. He’s enjoying the challenge and along the way he’s taking breaks to play with what he’s built, do some quality control to ensure his fire people “are safe”.

I’m enjoying the lack of interruption where Li’l Man declares his boredom. I’m enjoying the solitude and being able to think for a few minutes without commotion. It’s well worth the $39.95 just for this reason!

This set is an amazing addition to the Mega Bloks line. It is truly an incredible set with the pieces and the creative exploration it allows Li’l Man.


*I received the Mega Bloks Blok Squad Fire Patrol Station in order to facilitate an honest review. Opinions, where expressed  are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.

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