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Mario Kart Wii Comes to Life with K’Nex

There are two things that bond my oldest and youngest, video games and K’nex. There’s a sixteen-year span between the two boys, but still, the commonalities of their personalities make them close.

When I was pregnant with my oldest, I was a Nintendo game junkie and loved playing Mario. That pudgy Italian trapped in the mushroom world was amazing fun! My video gaming must have genetically transferred to  Jake as he has always been all about the video games…even now.

My youngest has followed suit and together these two have gone on video game missions together and against one another. It is endearing.

Then there are the K’Nex. Jake had these back in the early 1990s. At the time they were sticks and connectors, nothing as elaborate as they’ve become. Li’l Man is spoiled because now K’Nex come in “kits”.

Not long ago, we received the new Mario Kart Wii K’Nex. You’d think there was a transmitter because literally five minutes after receiving the K’Nex, Jake, who lives an hour away, walked through the door unannounced, though always welcome!

Li’l Man was beside himself. He insisted Jake help (put together for) him.

The two sat at the kitchen table and built the two kits.

Li’l Man kept telling his brother, “This one has extra parts!” Oh, to be five and impatient!

Then, finally, they finished the Luigi and Standard Bike Building Kit.

Luigi and Standard Bike Building Set

Build Luigi and his Standard Bike from Mario Kart Wii! Includes a buildable, Luigi figure and K’NEX rods, connectors, and bricks to build his Standard Bike, exactly like in the game. You can also use the package as a ramp when you’re done building! For ages 6+.

It even had some “girl” appeal when The Divine Miss M arrived home from school.

The boxes on both kits turn into ramps, which added some insane fun for Li’l Man.

Big Brother kept right on working until he completed the Mario and Standard Kart Building Kit.

There were a lot of racing sounds and video game sound effects as the two brothers banned together, like Mario and Luigi in creating their own K’Nex game.

By far the Mario and Standard Kart Building Kit was their favorite.

Mario and Standard Kart Building Set

Build Mario and his Standard Kart from Mario Kart Wii! Includes a buildable Mario figure, a banana peel item, plus a pull-back motor and K’NEX pieces to build his standard kart, exactly like in the game. Collect them all and race your friends! The package can be re-used as a ramp for even more after-building fun. For ages 6+
You can learn more about these great toys through K’Nex’s Mario Kart Wii product page. It’s also the ONLY place these two items can be purchased at this time.

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