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Mahlow’s Mosaics Feature

Mahlow’s Mosaics Feature 
My absolute favorite city is San Francisco. I LOVE it there. The hills, the ocean, the Golden Gate. It’s a magical city and filled with some amazingly talented folks.

Folks like David Mahlow.

David does mosiacs. He lives in the San Francisco area. He’s livin’ the life.

The storefront name he says is “pretty straightforward” It’s Mahlow’s Mosaics.

He was inspired to open his storefront “Once I began creating my mosaics, I wanted a place to share them. Etsy is such a fun way to have my own online shop!”

Where David learned his talent for his craft is original. It was NOT his grandmother who taught him. “I created my first mosaic in the 3rd grade. It was definitely made much more meticulously than any of my classmates’ mosaics. I made a few pieces in high school and only recently picked up the art again, around age 24.”

While mosiacs date back, David says what sets his work apart from others is “I don’t know of anyone else who is selling photo mosaics. Not only am I selling original mosaics, but I am also offering to take a photo you send me and create a unique mosaic just for you!”

Looking in Mahlow’s Mosaics it’s mesmerizing. David says, ” My favorite is A Sunday Afternoon. I took the photo in Japan and feel joy for the young family spending an afternoon in a canoe on a lake. I am also very proud of the finished product.”

David loves the work he does, it is actually what inspires him to create. “The whole process, from taking pictures to laying down that first tiny piece. From laying down that final perfect piece to posting my art on Etsy.”

A mosaic, to me, looks like a pause in time. David explains the process of how a mosaic makes its was into Mahlow’s Mosaics. “I look for unique colors in the world around me. When an image catches my eye, I will take a picture of it. Then I take the picture and try to visualize the possibilities of what it might become through a mosaic. Finally, I begin cutting up the picture and placing each piece into the perfect position.”

When David isn’t creating he says he enjoys, “Watching football or baseball.”

When asked if there was a craft he didn’t know how to do, but wished he did, David confessed, “I’m terrible at drawing.”

David is a teacher to children with special needs. I know a teacher brings homework so I asked David how he finds time to create. “Teaching all day can be quite stressful. Being able to come home each day and do an hour or so of art is therapeutic.”

The greatest accomplishment David has experienced so far in his life is “Winning the heart of my girlfriend, Tessa.”

Ten years from now, David see himself “still teaching and creating mosaics. Hopefully I’ve gotten better at both.”


Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own and were not in any way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experience may vary.

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