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Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System Review

Introducing the Lysol No-Touch Soap System: Promoting Effective, Frequent Handwashing for a Healthier Environment!

Are you tired of traditional soap dispensers that require physical contact and increase the risk of germ transmission? Look no further! Lysol’s innovative No-Touch Soap System is here to revolutionize your hand hygiene routine.

With Lysol’s advanced sensor technology, this cutting-edge system automatically dispenses just the right amount of antibacterial, moisturizing soap, encouraging more effective handwashing practices. Say goodbye to guesswork and messy spills! The Lysol dispenser intuitively senses your hands, providing a seamless and convenient experience.

The Lysol No-Touch Soap System takes cleanliness to the next level. Eliminating the need for hand contact creates a healthier environment for you and your loved ones. Feel confident knowing that your hands are shielded from potential germs lurking on traditional dispensers. It’s time to prioritize your health and well-being.

Designed for both kitchens and bathrooms, this comprehensive system includes a sleek and modern hands-free dispenser that blends seamlessly with any decor. Additionally, you’ll receive a soap refill, ensuring you’re well-equipped for weeks of hygiene excellence. Worried about power? Don’t be! Lysol has got you covered with four AA batteries included in the package.

Make handwashing a breeze and enjoy the benefits of a touch-free experience. Join countless individuals who have already upgraded their hygiene routine with their No-Touch Soap System.

Invest in your health; invest in a healthier future. Order your No-Touch Soap System today and let cleanliness become second nature!

Our Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System Review

I make meals that make me shudder when I stop to think about the germs lurking on my counters. I struggle after handling chicken to wash my hands and then take the extra precaution of sterlizing the bottle of hand soap. Thanks to Lysol, I’m now taking the hands-free approach!

Since November, we’ve been using the Lysol No-Touch system in our bathroom. The kiddos love the alien technology, and I love that they’re washing their hands…often. Now Lysol introduces the Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System. It is automatic, hands-free and has many purposes. The starter kit comes with one dispenser, one 8.5oz. Refill and the three AA batteries are included!

The purpose is to keep things clean. Wave your sponge under the nozzle and watch the dispenser release the perfect amount for dish washing. Run hands under the tap then glide under the dispenser for washing hands! Try it for tackling countertops and more!  It’s brilliant.

When the soap runs out, refill it with one of three scents: Sparkling Tangerine, Shimmering Berry and Sunkissed Lemon.

When our automatic dispenser arrived it had been damaged in the mail. I figured, No problem, I’ll use the soap in the bathroom dispenser. Turns out that while Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System can only be filled with one of the Lysol refills, you’ll want to check the model because the new dispenser soaps, does NOT fit in the Lysol Dispenser we purchased in November. I thought I could twist the cap and pour the new soap into the old bottle, but the bottles are not refillable.  Just something to consider.

The dispenser itself is very sleek and looks amazing on a counter.

Getting Started with Your No-Touch Soap System:

A. To activate the batteries, begin by opening the battery door located on the back of the dispenser. Locate the red insulation tab and remove it to activate the batteries. Press the battery door firmly back into place, ensuring that the hatch is fully seated and moisture-resistant. This step is crucial to ensure proper functionality.

B. Now it’s time to prepare the soap refill. Locate the seal on the hand soap refill cap and remove it. Insert the refill into the dispenser until you hear a satisfying click, indicating that it is securely in place. Properly inserting the refill ensures a seamless dispensing experience.

C. Find the perfect spot on your counter for the dispenser. Once you’ve chosen the location, switch on the dispenser using the conveniently located On/Off switch on the back. This step powers up the system and readies it for action.

D. Congratulations! Your No-Touch Soap System is now ready to use. Simply place your hand underneath the nozzle, and like magic, the dispenser will automatically sense your hand and dispense just the right amount of soap. It’s a hassle-free experience that ensures effective handwashing without the need for physical contact.

Remember, when the hand soap refill eventually runs out, it’s time for a quick and easy replacement. To remove the empty refill, simply pull firmly on it, detaching it from the dispenser. Ensure you replace it only with a Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap refill to maintain optimal performance and hygiene standards.

With these simple steps, you can start enjoying the benefits of a touchless handwashing experience with your No-Touch Soap System. Embrace cleanliness and convenience like never before!

The Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System and refills are on shelves of your favorite retailers, like Walmart, in the cleaning products aisle.

Final Thoughts:

Remember, while the specific product discussed may not be available, the general concept of touchless cleaning systems and Lysol’s commitment to providing effective cleaning and disinfecting solutions remains relevant. It’s always recommended to refer to the latest information from Lysol or the manufacturer for the most up-to-date and accurate details on their product offerings.

Discover the ultimate in hygienic and convenient kitchen cleaning with the Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System. This touchless wonder features an automatic sensor that dispenses just the right amount of antibacterial, moisturizing soap without any hand contact, promoting a healthier environment for you and your loved ones. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, this system includes a hands-free dispenser, a soap refill, and four AA batteries. Say goodbye to messy spills and guesswork, and say hello to effortless cleanliness. With the Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System, frequent and effective handwashing becomes a breeze. Experience the future of hygiene today and elevate your handwashing routine to new heights of convenience and cleanliness. Discover a touch-free revolution for a healthier kitchen environment.

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Make it a cleaner world; go hands-free in your kitchen!

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