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Together Counts Get Out and Be Active

Join Together Counts, a nationwide program inspiring active and healthy living. Discover resources, tools, and events to achieve balance in your lifestyle.

Our Together Counts

Finding time for the family to all come together and be active can be a challenge. We are so fortunate to live where we do. We can be in the mountains within 20 minutes of our home. Here we enjoy hiking together and family picnics.

One of our favorite walks is around Silver Lake. We have been so fortunate to see wildlife up-close. On one occasion as we were settling in for a picnic a Moose roamed into our area. It was fantastic and terrifying all at once. We were obviously in the area it had become accustomed to resting in and it was a mad scurry to get the kiddos moving and things packed up to leave.

Most of the time, it’s calm.

The Divine Miss M at Silver Lake

The Divine Miss M at Silver Lake

The boardwalk winds around the lake with various stations where we can read and learn about the indigenous wildlife and plants. It’s a great exploration for both the body and the mind.

Li'l Man and The Divine Miss M climb rocks up Big Cottonwood

Li’l Man and The Divine Miss M climb rocks up Big Cottonwood

The kiddos makeup games or just seek higher ground climbing on the ginormous boulders.

Li'l Man, The Divine Miss M and The Beauty Queen hide in the Aspen Grove

Li’l Man, The Divine Miss M and The Beauty Queen hide in the Aspen Grove

Sometimes we venture off the boardwalk and take a hiking trail. We don’t always know where it leads, but we are certain it will be a journey that we appreciate. The kiddos love seeing the Aspen trees as their leaves shimmer in the breeze.

There are moments when even the big kiddos have to show they have the makings of an Alpha Male, encouraging the younger siblings to attempt something new.

The Divine Miss M and Li'l Man racing through their obstacle course

The Divine Miss M and Li’l Man racing through their obstacle course

We don’t have to go to the mountains for our family to be active. We visit the park often where the children love to make up an obstacle course and have Mom or Dad time them as they try and beat their previous time!

About Together Counts:

Together Counts is a nationwide program that promotes and encourages active and healthy living. The program aims to inspire individuals and families to lead healthier lifestyles by focusing on the importance of balancing energy intake (food) with energy output (physical activity). It was initiated as a collaborative effort between the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF) and Discovery Education.

The program recognizes the significance of creating a supportive environment that encourages physical activity and healthy eating habits. Together Counts offers various resources, tools, and activities to help schools, communities, and families incorporate wellness into their daily routines. It emphasizes the concept of energy balance, which involves consuming the right amount of calories while engaging in regular physical activity.

Through its website, Together Counts provides access to an array of educational materials, including lesson plans, videos, and interactive activities designed for teachers, students, and families. These resources cover topics such as nutrition, exercise, portion control, and overall well-being. The program encourages schools to implement healthy eating programs and promote physical activity during the school day.

Together Counts also organizes events and campaigns to raise awareness and engage communities in healthy living initiatives. One such initiative is the Energy Balance 101 program, which aims to educate children and their families about the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between eating nutritious foods and engaging in regular physical activity.

Additionally, Together Counts encourages families to make small but impactful changes to their everyday routines. This can include simple actions such as cooking and eating meals together, participating in physical activities as a family, and reducing sedentary screen time.

By promoting active and healthy living, Together Counts aims to combat childhood obesity and foster a culture of wellness. The program strives to create an environment where individuals and families have the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed decisions about their health and lead active, balanced lives.

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