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I See London, I see France, Mama Got Me Francie Pants Review

There are days I’m not sure whether the girls at my house are winning or the boys. The Divine Miss M Loves to jump rope. As the jump rope turns she chants silly rhymes. Li’l Man, can jump rope, however, he mostly just listens so he can learn rhymes to taunt his sisters. One of his favorite jump rope rhymes is:

I see London
I see France
I see (his sisters’) underpants
Be they white
Be they pink
I don’t know but they sure do stink.

It’s the taunt that has the girls crossing their legs. Looking out for each other as they climb into the playhouse and can take them out of their favorite dress and into jeans in an instant.

Lately, Li’l Man has lost his mojo when it comes to this particular rhyme.

Thanks to Francie Pants, The Divine Miss M is being girly and staying modest. She’s also changed the tune of that rhyme.

I see London, I see France, Mama Got Me Francie Pants

I see London, I see France, Mama Got Me Francie Pants

I See London, I see France, Mama Got Me Francie Pants Review

Francie Pants are sassy shorts that are modest, light-weight, silky and, according to The Divine Miss M, comfortable! They are saving her embarrassment and putting new energy in her tree-climbing, monkey bars and cartwheels.

The Divine Miss M is my girl who would wear a dress every day if I let her. During the weekends she dances through the house in a tulle tutu and a dress gets extra wear if it has “twirl power”.  Don’t let The Divine Miss M’s choice of clothing fool you, she’s a tom-boy at times, which has led to a lot of “talks” with dad. The neighbor boys seem to hover under the tree in our front yard, giving away The Divine Miss M. Too many times, Dad has had to call her in to check what’s under the dress.

Francie Pants ends those talks. We know she’s fully covered whether up in the tree or during an impromptu cartwheel on the front lawn.

Available in sizes from 12-months up to 16-years, they’re the answer to modesty. The sizing is awesome. The Divine Miss M is a stick and finding pants that fit her correctly has been an issue. We requested a size 8 and they fit perfectly!

The Divine Miss M loves that Francie Pants are more than just solid white and black. They come in 23-styles covering everything from traditional to hip! They are so much fun.

In her more conservative moments, The Divine Miss M sports her Cotton Candy and Pearls . When she’s feeling more outrageous and sassy, she likes to wear her Super Star Francie Pants. Either way, she’s covered and that’s giving dad a longer life!

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