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Learning This 25 Words Can Help Your Kids Understand the Basics of Law

Kids are considered at that stage of life where their minds can learn and adapt to everything you teach them. To ensure that your kids become responsible citizens, you must engage them actively in learning and participation.

A basic understanding of legal terms is a good activity. But words related to law are complicated, and so is their understanding.

Here are some basic words regarding law that you can teach your children and make them aware of modern society. 

Learning This 25 Words Can Help Your Kids Understand the Basics of Law


Action is a word for a lawsuit in which one party is involved in the suing of another party.


People get arrested when they attempt a crime or break the law; police arrest criminals and take them into their custody. Later he is charged with a sentence or is bailed.


Bail is the process in which a person who is charged with a crime gets released from court.


The case is also another word for a lawsuit.


A charge is the accusation of a crime against someone who attempted a crime against someone.


Civil cases are against people who do not have any charges on them. Some examples of civil lawsuits are divorces and small lawsuits.


The party facing legal issues files a complaint to the court, which explains the problem and tells what is required by the party.


A person who is guilty of a crime has a conviction against him.


The party or an individual who has been charged with a crime in a criminal case is known as the defendant.


Dismissal is the term that means that the judge has decided to end the case.

11. Evidence

Lawyers gather a certain type of information related to the case and supports their information.

Evidence can be in the form of audio or documents.


A felony is a criminal offense that includes charges against violence committed by the person.


Incarcerated means that a person can’t leave the jail prison until the period of incarceration ends

14. Injunction

A judge might issue an injunction directed towards a person or a company.


A judge is a man or a woman who hears the case and decides according to this or her judgment.


Judgment is known as the decision made by the judge and the court.


A jury is a group of people who are chosen for the hearing of the case and make their decisions.

The jury makes their decisions according to the basis of evidence.


A juvenile is a person who is less than 18 years old.


A party involved in a lawsuit or case is known as a litigant.


Minor is another word for a person who is less than 18.


A request for ruling towards the judge by the party is known as a motion.

No contest

No contest means that the person is not admitting guilt while still being convicted of a crime.


Oath is a process in which the witness and the party both assure that they will only speak the truth.


The defendants and accusers are all known as parties to a case.


A court or a judge can provide a written direction, known as an order.

Each adult requires an understanding of the basics of laws. An adult owes to society, and he has a responsibility towards it. Moreover, in personal life, it is also an exception. These terms can help in every legal situation one can face.

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