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What to Expect from Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you hire a criminal defense lawyer, you’re putting your future in their hands, so it’s completely normal to feel a little nervous.

Criminal law is complex, and it is nearly impossible for non-lawyer to defend themselves competently.

There are many ways a lawyer can help you that are quite different than the stereotypes seen on crime TV shows.

When you’re facing a hefty fine or even time in jail, you must hire a lawyer who can get you the very best outcome possible.

The world of criminal law is daunting and often overwhelming, especially if this is your first court appearance or charge.

man in jail in orange jumpsuit meeting with his criminal defense attorney before trial.

So, here you’ll find what you can expect from your criminal defense lawyer.

They’ll be able to gather evidence.

Lawyers don’t just help you through the court system; an excellent criminal defense lawyer will be willing to gather information such as witness testimonies to support your case.

You may find that some witnesses don’t wish to speak to the police, but they may be more willing to talk to a criminal defense lawyer.

Most especially if your lawyer came from a reputable criminal law firm.

They’ll give you a reality check.

As mentioned above, criminal trials are highly confusing and complex.

Therefore Thrive Global explains it’s only natural to feel lost in a sea of jargon, evidence, and intricate proceedings.

This is where your lawyer steps in; they’ll be able to give you constant reality checks throughout the process.

Check-in with you and ensure you understand what is happening in layman’s terms.

They’ll let you know how the trial is going and whether or not things are looking positive at that particular stage.

They can negotiate with the prosecution.

If you are found guilty, then it doesn’t mean that your criminal defense lawyer has failed at their job.

They can still negotiate with the other party to try and get you a lesser sentence.

Suppose you have been caught drunk driving, for instance, instead of sending you to prison and placing you under a driving ban for 24 months. In that case, they could negotiate a lesser sentence of a fine, time completing community service, and a driving ban of 12 months instead.

They’ll put you at ease.

From the moment you meet your criminal defense lawyer, they should be able to put your mind at ease.

You will, of course, still be familiar with the severity of your impending court case; however, their confidence, skill, and professionalism should assure you that you’re in safe hands.

They can do their research.

If your lawyer sees fit, they may hire an investigator to investigate the prosecution’s witnesses.

Perhaps they have reason to suspect that something isn’t right, or you’re convinced that their version of events is fabricated; if these investigators find new evidence supporting your theory and weakening the witnesses’ testimonials, then it could positively impact your theory on your case.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is something that you should take plenty of time over.

Go through your options, make inquiries, and complete plenty of research before choosing a criminal defense lawyer.

Your chosen representative should specialize in criminal law and have experience in winning cases like yours.

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