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Le Bella Visage Day Spa

Pampered. Princess. Not two words that anyone would use to describe me. Then along comes Le Belle Visage Day Spa, and suddenly I’m livin’ life as the Pampered Princess I should be–granted it’s an hour of bliss, but oh, what bliss it is!

reflect, relax, revive sign.

In my forty-something years, I can count on one hand, actually, two fingers, how many times I’ve been pampered someplace that has “spa” in the name. The first time was for a pedicure. It was like a cattle line. We all sat next to one another in a row while the Spa employee soaked, rubbed, clipped, filed, and painted our feet. The other time was for a massage at a chain. I found this extremely relaxing until it was over, and I was faced with a hard-core sales pitch that ended the serenity.

Last week, I was invited to experience a European Facial. Being a virgin to the world of facials really meant nothing. I was a little stressed because I wasn’t sure I’d like someone putting their fingers and hands all over my face.  In fact, it was pretty much all I could think of as I traveled to Le Belle Visage Day Spa.

Then I entered the door under the red awning and the world transformed for me. A flight of stairs leads up to an incredibly intimate and beautiful room where I was greeted by Jen, Master Esthetician, who has amazing skin that glowed! Wow! It was like going to a best friend’s home for some serious girl time!

Jen talked to me about my skin’s concerns and was very calming when I told her, “I’m not sure I like people touching my face.”

Then the moment came when I changed into a wrap and robe.
This changing room is filled with luxury!

The bathroom was incredible, very calming, and it was more than just there weren’t meat paws wiggling fingers beneath the door hollering, “Mom! Mom! Mom!” Take a peek for yourself….The floors are barn wood from a barn in Tremonton
the slippers are sheer fuzzy goodness!

Still nervous about that whole touching thing, I began the parade to the room where I would discover if indeed I did or did not like my face to be touched.

Across the floors that Master Esthetician and Le Belle Visage Day Spa owner Terra’s husband installed himself, I walked after taking down a barn in Tremonton.

It was soothing.

In addition to planning the floors, he also crafted every cabinet, counter-top, and tiled the bathroom floor and shower–by trade, and he is not a finished carpenter!

Through a sitting area fit for royalty in chairs of deep violet and royal purples.

They called to me, but I was on a mission.

You can bet I’ll be going back if for no other purpose than to plop into one of these thrones with Janet Evanovich’s latest book!

My fuzzy slippers and I walked past a beautiful fireplace that added so much charm and beauty to the sitting room.

It was calming and warming without even the flicker of a flame.

Then I had nowhere else to go. 

I was greeted by Jen, her amazing skin and Hollywood smile. 

I climbed onto the table.

Jen knew me well.

She had the table warmed, and as I slid beneath the covers, I laid there, like a lizard lounging, soaking up the warmth of the rock.

It was melting.

It was divine.

It was all I really needed.

Then the facial began.

I was tense.

I’m not going to lie.

But a funny thing happened, I began to just go with it. 

Jen began with a warm towel on my face.

There was deliciousness in that towel.

Next, she began to cleanse my skin. 

Le Belle Visage Day Spa uses Eminence Organic Skin Care Products, which are made from herbs, fruits, flower buds and are free of Parabens, Mineral Oils, Petroleum, and Sodium Laurel Sulphate.

Jen’s fingers were magic as they massaged my face and rid my skin of pollutants and buildup.

The gift of gab comes naturally for me; however, it tends to become of Super Hero proportions when I am nervous.

Jen just went with it as I talked faster than light can travel.

She engaged in conversation, didn’t smack me when I, not so subtlety, interrupted. 

Within a few minutes, I was butter and embraced Jen’s fingers touching my face.

I asked Jen what the most important product a woman can buy for her face is.

“Moisturizer, which is not a one kind fits all. You have to find one that works for you. Then sunscreen.”

It was simplistic.

It was the same philosophy I believe in.

Jen kicked it up and made it about ME…she explained that since my skin was oily, I would want to stay away from an oil-based moisturizer.

She also let me in on a secret, and if I wanted to tighten my pores, I should use cleansers, toners, etc., from the berry family.

The tart-er it is, the more it makes the pore pucker.

As my skin was cleansed, exfoliated, masked, and rejuvenated, I found Jen to be easy to talk to and someone I truly would pick to be in my circle of friends.

We talked of her career path, her husband, her mother, her life.

Moments of conversation had me cheering, while others had me with tears of celebration.

It turns out I really like having my face touched.

I was so relaxed, so calm and I felt…dare I say it…beautiful!

The best part was when it was over, Jen and I said good-bye as friends do.

There was no sales hype. There was no “membership”.

I wasn’t rushed in, rushed out. Nope. From beginning to end of this journey, this facial was all about ME!

It was a great night’s sleep, and when I woke, my skin was spectacular!

I was ready to take on the world.

The pricing is beyond affordable. With first-time customers getting a 50% off discount, there’s no reason not to discover what a true spa experience should be…relaxing, soothing, and in the company of a good friend!

Le Belle Visage Day Spa is paradise!

For a complete listing of services offered or book an appointment, visit Le Belle Visage Day Spa.

The spa equivalent to a dozen roses this Valentine’s Day… a Delux European Facial at Le Belle Visage Day Spa, Esthetician. $39 for February.

I received a European Facial from Le Belle Visage Day Spa in order to facilitate an honest review. No other compensation was received. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other experiences may vary.

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