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Interesting Places of Colorado You Cannot Miss

In Colorado, there are many interesting places for tourists.

Among them, there are both unique natural objects and historical monuments.

To get easily to them, you need to apply to car rental services.

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Interesting places of Colorado you cannot miss

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Age restrictions and documents

In order to hire a car from Firefly Denver International airport, the driver must:

  • Be at least 21 years old;
  • Have a valid driver’s license;
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Getting a car

When receiving a car, be sure to check the declared and actual car damage in the contract.

Any scratch, dent, or damage must be noticed in the contract.

Refueling car

FireFly company practices the option “full to full” – take and return the car with a full tank.

For the return of the car without a full tank, you must make an additional payment of about $50.

Getting a car off-hours

If you urgently need to receive or return the car before or after the closing of the FireFly office, the additional cost will be $60.


For any penalty on the road, in addition to the amount of the fine, FireFly car rental adds an operating fee of about $30.

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Wonderful places to visit on a rented car

Among the most fascinating natural attractions of the state of Colorado are the national parks Black Canyon Gunnison, Great Sand Dunes, and the Rocky Mountains.

But let’s leave them behind as we have something else you probably didn’t know about.

Alta lakes (the nearest town – Telluride)

The magnificent trio of alpine gems catches your eyes.

Near the lakes, there is free camping.

Not far from here is Alta’s ghost town, which is also worth a visit.

Interesting Places of Colorado You Cannot Miss we share the must-see places to visit in Colorado this year.

Potato lake (the nearest town – Durango)

The beautiful lake, framed by the greenery of the San Juan National Forest, is two miles north of Durango.

Clearwater attracts you to swim, and on the northwestern side of the lake, you can see the stunning landscapes of Twilight Peaks.


Rifle Falls State Park

Lush greenery, mysterious caves, and a charming waterfall with three beds attract visitors everywhere.

You can see the upper and lower parts of the waterfall, look into the limestone caves and walk under the poplars.

Rifle Falls State Park Colorado

Curecanti Recreation area

The three lakes, named after the dams built on the Gunnison River, form the Curecanti National Recreation Area.

Tourists come here to admire beautiful panoramas of flat mountains (Mesa) see lakes resembling narrow fjords and the same narrow, deep canyons.

Lake Blue Mesa is the largest water reservoir in Colorado, the richest salmon fishery in the United States.

Lake Morrow Point originates in the Black Canyon and connects to Lake Crystal located below, which hides in the Gunnison Diversion Tunnel.

Not far from here, traces of habitat and many parts of dinosaur skeletons were found, approximately 6,000 years old, which gives additional interest to the Curecanti reserve.

Tourists come here to admire beautiful panoramas of flat mountains (Mesa), see lakes resembling narrow fjords, and the same narrow deep canyons.

Valley Florissant

Rent a car in Denver and move to this picturesque valley.

It is located on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains and contains traces of prehistoric life on earth.

Most Florissant samples are protected by the state and declared national treasures.

But some of the Park’s careers are accessible to tourists and to gather private collections of minerals.


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