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How to Select the Best Pet Carriers With Wheels

Your pet is a member of your family and also has to go out. Pet carriers are designed to transport your pet to the park, vet, or take them on long journeys. Pet carriers can also provide shelter or a safe space for your cat. Pet carriers could be hand-held, purse, or backpack-styled.

Carrying a pet carrier around can quickly become discomforting. Wheeled pet carriers are designed with ease of movement and maneuverability in mind. There are vast collections of fashionable, innovative pet carriers with wheels that will make carrying your pet around a seamless experience.

This article will guide you on why and how to select high-quality pet carriers with wheels for your pet.

navy pet carrier with wheels.

Why Should I Get a Wheeled Pet Carrier?

There are several reasons to get a pet carrier with wheels for your pet.

Reduced Strain on Your Back and Shoulders

Carrying a pet on your back or shoulders can wear you out, especially if you have a weak back or shoulder. A pet carrier with wheels and handles lets you walk your pet for long distances without putting pressure on your back and shoulders.

Reduced Pet Discomfort

Moving around for long periods in a purse or backpack can be distressing to some pets. A rolling pet carrier can make your outings a pleasant experience for you and your pet. Unlike normal carriers, a wheeled pet carrier also reduces jostling around during movement. However, wheeled carriers may not be suited to rough terrains.

How to Select a Perfect Wheeled Carrier?

Before you choose a wheeled carrier for your pet, you should make the following considerations.

Size of Your Pet

You should know the size and weight of your pet before shopping for a carrier. Your carrier should be large enough for your pet to lie down, turn around in, and stand up. However, it shouldn’t be so large as to cause tumbling of your pet when moving. Your carrier should also not be so small as to make your pet feel cramped. Many vets recommend a carrier that is roughly 1.5 times your pet size.

Pet carrier manufacturers often specify a maximum weight for their products, so you may want to take note of that as well.

Quality and Design

Ensure to get carriers made from high-quality materials. Preferred materials should be durable, well-stitched, and easy to clean. A wheeled carrier designed with pockets can be handy for storing pet treats, toys, and even your personal items.


Every pet carrier should be safe for the pet. Pet carriers usually have a zipper or Velcro lock mechanism. Velcro openings are easier to operate, but they could be ripped open by an excited pet. Consider carriers with zippers if your pet is easily excited. You should also consider airflow when choosing a pet carrier. Ventilation is also important in the choice of an air carrier.


What will you be using your wheeled pet carrier for? Are you planning for short walks to the park or long trips out of town? A pet carrier with detachable wheels, for example, might be more suited for long car, train, or air trips. 


A quality wheeled carrier is no use to you if you cannot afford it. You want to get a high-quality wheeled pet carrier that gives value for money. At A Pet with Paws, we have developed Pet-Trek, an affordable four-spinner trolley cart that lets you add wheels to your pet carrier.

navy wheeled pet carrier.

Pet-Trek: High-Quality Wheeled Pet Carriers

Pet-Trek is a range of luxury wheeled pet carriers that combine fashionable, removable pet carriers with a four-spinner wheel foldable trolley cart. We developed Pet-Trek to give pet owners a stylish way of transporting their pets without straining their backs and shoulders. Pet-Trek works seamlessly with our pet carriers, making it easy for you to comfortably and safely travel with your pet.

No matter what type of pet you have, all you need do is open and unfold your Pet-Trek, then slide the carrier down the handle. When you get to your destination, lift the carrier off the handle and fold your Pet-Trek for storage.

Why Should I Choose Pet-Trek?

You should choose Pet-Trek for the following reasons:

4-Wheel Cart for Easy Movement

2-wheeled pet carriers cause your pets to be tilted at a 45-degree angle during movement. This can make your pet develop anxiety towards traveling in the wheeled carrier. Pet-Trek is designed with four wheels that easily turn in every direction. Your pet can sit, stand, or lie comfortably in any direction during travel.

Single Unit Foldable Carrier

Unlike other carriers with detachable wheels, Pet-Treks is produced as a single unit foldable carrier which guarantees that you never lose or misplace a wheel.

Can I Use my Pet-Trek on a Plane?

At a Pet with Paws, we have top-of-the-range airline-approved pet carrier bags that are separate from your Pet-Trek.

Their carrier bags allow you to slide your pet carrier underneath your airplane seat.

You can then fold your Pet-Trek and place it in the overhead luggage compartment.

Wheeled pet carriers are designed for ease and comfort.

With Pet-Trek, you get an innovative, stylish, affordable trolley cart that makes movement safe, convenient, comfortable and fun for you and your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I put in my pet travel pack?

Your pet travel pack should contain your pet’s essential items – travel carrier, litter box/waste bag, leash/collar, food and treats, drinking water, medication and vaccine records, pet first aid kit, grooming supplies, and towels.

How do I know that my airline will allow me to travel with my pet?

You can get information on pet policies for over 160 airlines.

Should I sedate my pet for a flight?

Short answer. No! Your pet must be fully conscious when traveling for hydration and temperature regulation during flights.

Pets are also at increased risk of cardiovascular and respiratory issues when sedated during a flight. Instead, you should try to get your pet acclimatized to the pet carrier weeks before you board your flight.


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