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How to Identify Good Designer Dog Collars

Everyone loves dogs! Dogs are wonderful creatures that keep us happy all the time. That’s probably why they are considered man’s best friends. Now, as we know it, best friends look out for each other. While they keep us company, we’ve got to take care of them as well. One of the best ways to look out for your dog is by getting it a lovely designer dog collar.

Whether they are pet dogs, security dogs, or emotional support dogs, they do need a good collar. Dog collars are an essential part of any dog accessories as they serve multiple purposes. If you want the best dog collars, don’t forget to order dog collars at

Some reasons why we purchase these collars are for protection and the dog’s safety, for easy movement with the dog, quick identification of the dog (you can also get dog collars with names for easy identification), and beauty and fashion. Now, many dog owners find it challenging to size their dog collars. This challenge has resulted in inappropriate selections when they go to the market for purchase purposes.

How to Size Your Dog Collar

Poor selections of dog collars can cause a lot of inconveniences and accidents. If the collar is too big or too small, bad things could happen as long as the collar is not the right size reminds AKC. If the collar is too big, it could lead to an off-leash situation where the collar slips off the dog’s head, making your dog lose free. If the collar is too small on the other hand, it may end up choking or straining your dog.

We wouldn’t want to experience any of these now, would we? That’s right! So here is what to do before buying a dog collar for your furry friend. First, you need to measure the size of your dog’s neck. This you can do using either a flexible measuring tape or a shoelace. And then a meter rule.

Rap the tape or lace around the dog neck. If it’s a flexible tape, you’ve got your measurement. However, if it’s a shoelace, line the length measured with the lace on your meter rule to know the exact size. Once you have measured with the rule, add an extra 2inch to the size. Remember we do not want to choke the dog. 

You can now get your beautiful dog collar without worrying about an off-leash or a choking situation. You should note that two of your fingers must fit into the collar after fixing it on your dog. This way, you don’t have to worry about it being too tight for your dog.

Stylish chihuahua dog wearing fancy clothes.

Best Designer Dog Collar Types to Buy

There are so many gorgeous designer dog collars currently available. However, if you want the latest and most beautiful dog collars, here are the trending dog collar types in 2022.

Leather Dog Collars

Leather dog collars are not fancy and beautiful, but they are the safest and most comfortable dog collar materials you could find. These classic dog collars are Long-lasting and perfect if your dog has any allergies.

Neoprene Dog Collars

Are you searching for a dog collar that is beautiful, comfortable, and water-resistant? Then you’ll love these dog collars. They are also great for dogs that have skin allergies or dogs that love swimming.

Nylon Dog Collars

Although they are currently available, the most popular kinds of dog collars, nylon dog collars, never disappoint. They are beautiful, comfortable, and easy to maintain. Nylon dog collars also come in various styles and designs to suit your taste.

What to Consider When Buying a Designer Dog Collar

When buying a dog collar, you should strive to find the very best. There are so many options out there it could get confusing. If you’ve ever bought a dog collar, you would agree that finding the perfect collar for your dog can be a bit of a task. No worries, though; we’re here to guide you through your dog collar shopping. Here are some important tips to note when buying a dog collar.

Get a Comfortable Collar

Your dog’s comfort is non-negotiable. When buying a dog collar, the first thing you should consider is how comfortable the collar will feel on your dog. Never get a collar that will compromise the comfort or safety of your dog. Although dog collars are made of different kinds of materials, not all these materials may be good for your dog.

Some materials can cause leashes to pinch or rub your dog’s neck, which is quite an uncomfortable experience. When shopping, try as much as possible to avoid collars made of hard plastic or metallic materials, as they could be quite uncomfortable and painful. The best dog collar materials to consider are materials like neoprene, leather, and nylon.

Get a Long-lasting Dog Collar

If it’s not the best quality, it’s not the best collar for your dog. The durability of the dog collar is also a crucial factor to consider. After all, no one likes to get substandard items for their dogs. If you love to engage your furry friend in a variety of activities, a weak and unreliable dog collar is sure to be a major hindrance.

Get a dog collar that will last long and stand in any weather conditions. This way, you can walk your dog all day without the collar trying to get in the way. If you’re trying to buy a dog collar, make sure you check the durability of its material.

Get a Safe Dog Collar

One of the main reasons why we get a dog collar is to ensure our dogs’ safety. If a dog collar cannot fulfill this duty, you probably shouldn’t buy it. To know if a dog collar is safe for your dog, the first thing you should check out is the material used in making the collar. Make sure none of the materials are made from toxic substances or chemicals.

If possible, you should also inquire about the sources of the materials that were used for the dog collar.

Wrap Up

Now that you are ready to go shopping for designer dog collars for your dog let’s show you where you can get the most beautiful, trending, and most comfortable designer dog collars. You are sure to find all kinds of dog collars, including engraved dog collars.

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