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How to Help Your Cat to Stop Feeling Pain

Discover how to Help Your Cat to Stop Feeling Pain. Expert guidance for your feline friend’s well-being. Ever since cats were domesticated for their rodent-catching abilities many thousands of years ago, they have been a constant companion of ours in the home. They provide us with many hours of entertainment, love, and joy and brighten up our homes immeasurably. In light of this, we find ourselves extremely upset when our dearest moggy is under the weather and would do anything to perk them back up to health. Here, we will look at the best products to give your cat to help with their pain relief, looking at both chemical-based drugs and natural products.

gray cat with blue eyes looking up

gray cat with blue eyes looking up

How to Help Your Cat to Stop Feeling Pain

Fish Oil

The benefits of fish oil have been known to humans for hundreds of years, and we are often encouraged to eat more oily fish in our diets or to take supplements.

These same benefits are also present when cats are given fish oil, so it can be a great natural option to help relieve their pain.

Fish oil will help manage pain and combat inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, cancer, and liver and heart disease.

The beauty of fish oil is that it can be bought over the counter without a prescription and can be added to your pet’s food, so if they are in old age or suffer from any of the conditions mentioned above, help to ease their pain by supplementing their diet with fish oil.


Humans use opioids all the time when it comes to pain relief; in fact, many of the top pain-relieving drugs, such as morphine, derive directly from the poppy plant.

Due to the similarity of the physiology of mammals, these opioids also work on felines; however, due to their potency, you should always speak to your vet, and they should only ever be administered by a professional in the appropriate environment.

Having said that, if your pet has had surgery or suffers from cancer, your vet will only be too happy to prescribe an opiate-based medicine to help relieve their suffering.


NSAID’s are a group of medicines that are commonly taken by humans and include such drugs as ibuprofen and aspirin.

These types of NSAIDs are absolutely not suitable for cats as they are highly toxic and can even result in death.

However, two types of NSAIDs are perfectly safe for cats called robenacoxib and meloxicam, and frequently your vet will prescribe them to help with their acute pain.

If they aren’t, you should discuss them with your vet as they are a good option and can help your cat to lead as normal a life as possible, recommends CARE.

woman petting himalayna cat in fall leaves


Cannabis and especially CBD, one of its derivatives, is being hailed as a new wonder drug in humans, and now studies have shown that it can be just as effective in animals such as cats and dogs.

CBD works on the natural endocannabinoid system that is present in cats as well as humans, and as a result, the major benefits of pain relief are the same as they are in humans.

By using CBD, you can help treat arthritis and joint pain as well as epileptic seizures.

Other benefits are more mental as it can reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety and can also help your moggy to be less grumpy.

So, in light of all the benefits it has, it really is worth exploring its use on your feline friend.

Cranberry Juice

You may now be thinking that this article is about pain relief in humans, but actually, cranberry juice can have the same benefits on cats as it does on humans, shares Veterinary Practice News, the difference is that you have to change the way that you give it to your cat, as they will not slurp it out of a bowl.

Basically, cranberry juice is a great remedy for urinary tract infections (UTI’s), and, believe it or not, and cats suffer from these infections as much as humans do.

If you notice that your cat is peeing an unusual amount or is not using its litter tray, then the likelihood is that they have a UTI, so consider giving them a cranberry supplement in their food to cure their discomfort.

As we have learned, cats experience pain in much the same way as humans do as we share very similar physiology, so it makes sense that many of the drugs we use to combat pain can also help felines.

If in doubt, always talk to your vet, but many natural products such as fish oil, CBD, and cranberry juice can be purchased over the counter and given to your pet to help relieve their suffering

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