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How Often Should You Be Cleaning These 10 Common Household Appliances?

Household Appliances That Need Cleaning

In this article, we will explore some household items that we often neglect to wash — or should I say, we would not know that they need to be cleaned. Just like how we bathe ourselves every day to remove the dirt and dust collected from being exposed to the environment, household appliances often require periodic cleaning too. Let us reveal which 10 household items require frequent cleaning without further ado! On a related note, get on top of your utility bill by signing up with electricity retailers.

Washing machien with hand turning wash dial


1. Washing machines (Once a month)

First off, washing machines, unlike what most people think, require cleaning too, even though they are constantly being run through with soap and water.

This is because of the residue and fibers left from the clothes, as well as the nasty gunk that comes from the build-up on the walls.

This creates a thriving environment for the bacteria to grow, and cleaning is necessary to get rid of them.

Washing machines are recommended to go for a scrub at least once a month and whenever a funky smell is present.

After every wash, it is also important to give it a good wipe down, using a dry cloth and having the doors left open for ventilation.

Besides scrubbing, good cleaning requires using a washing machine cleaner as well.

It can be bought at Daiso for $2, and this powdered version does a great job of dissolving the residue and gunk.

Alternatively, a natural method would be to opt for an empty hot rinse cycle with a formula that uses half a cup of baking soda and three cups of white vinegar.

Meanwhile, do remember that dryers have to be washed too!

Likewise, clean the lint filter at least once a month and give the inside of the dryer a good wipe-down every week.

front load washing machine shoulc be cleaned once a month

2. Kettle (Quarterly, once in three months)

Next up, since the kettle is always boiling water, there is a common misconception that the kettle would naturally be bacteria-free.

On the contrary, stains easily appear at the kettle’s base if it is not washed frequently.

This is all because limescale is a solid white residue that forms over time.

To properly clean a kettle, a scrub is insufficient as descaling is required.

Simply add a quarter cup of vinegar to two cups worth of water and let the solution boil and sit for 20 mins thereafter.

To finish off, scrub the interior with either a sponge or cloth and rinse with water.

Kettles are recommended to be washed every three months.

3.    Refrigerators (Quarterly, once in three months)

The refrigerators found in most homes contain all sorts of food, from raw meat to dairy, produce, condiments, and leftovers.

This would mean that bacteria are bound to be present, even though their growth is slowed down by the cold.

Furthermore, if spillage occurs and surfaces are not kept clean, this would further increase the chances of germs and mold growth.

To prevent such unwanted messes and odors from forming, do wipe the surfaces once and then, especially when there are messes. The refrigerator should also undergo a thorough cleaning every three months.

Doing so would help to ensure the proper hygiene of your food.

Therefore, it is best to remove all the contents of the refrigerator, discard any expired products, and wipe down the walls, surfaces, and drawers.

refrigerator in stainless steel kitchen

4.    Toilet bowls (Daily)

Every day, we get into contact with toilet bowls, and naturally, they ought to be cleaned once a day by wiping down the seats.

This is undoubtedly true for large households with many people, with gazillion amounts of shared germs circulating.

Besides a daily wipe down, toilet bowls must be washed and scrubbed at least once a week to eliminate bacteria buildup thoroughly.

5.    Showerheads and Bidets (Every Month)

Like people would not think of cleaning their kettles, showerheads and bidets should also be washed frequently due to a buildup of limescale and mold.

To prevent clogging and having daily showers in residue-filled water, we must clean our showerheads and bidets at least once a month.

Simply soak the heads in equal amounts of water and vinegar.

Do scrub if needed and follow it up with a rinse.

shower head with water running through it

6.    Fans (Quarterly, once in three months)

Dust usually accumulates on fans after months of use, and if left uncleaned, there will be poor air circulation and even cause potential respiratory issues.

Therefore, use a damp cloth to wipe off the dust on fans whenever there is a build-up; if not, it is recommended that fans are cleaned at least once every three months.

 7.    Light Fixtures (Quarterly, once in three months)

Even though light fixtures are out of reach and inaccessible for an easy clean, it is not a valid excuse to avoid cleaning them.

Leaving dirt, dust, and even bugs to collect can cause the light to go dim and this would negatively affect light efficiency.

As such, do try to dismantle the light fixture for a proper wipe every three months.

Otherwise, dusting is good enough if the lights cannot be brought down.

lighting fixture above kitchen table

8.    Hairdryers (Every week)

Hairdryers are also neglected when it comes to cleaning, as people would not usually think of cleaning them.

However, hairdryers could potentially become a fire hazard if dust and debris were collected and left to accumulate inside the vents and filter.

As a result, we advise them to be cleaned every one to three weeks.

Detach the filter and wash if it’s possible; otherwise, remove the dirt manually by using a brush.

 9.    Remote controls (Daily)

Everywhere we go, we use our hands to touch everything, which means that we are constantly exposed to dust and germs.

When we get home and watch tv, these bacteria would then get transferred to the remote control.

Besides, germs would get further spread as the remote control is shared with other members of the family household.

Therefore, it is important to disinfect them daily with alcohol wipes. 

10.  Keyboards (Every week)

Similarly, keyboards are another item that we use our hands to touch often.

It is rumored that your keyboard may be even dirtier than a toilet bowl!

For some people who snack while they work, crumbs would inevitably get stuck under the keys.

To clean the keyboards, wet a microfiber cloth to give it a good wipe, and this should be done at least once a week.

Bonus: Mobile devices (Daily)

Given today’s society, it is not unusual to see people constantly on their phones.

As such, our phones could host thousands of bacteria without us knowing as they are invisible under our naked eyes.

Hence, it is important to disinfect our mobile phones daily with alcohol wipes.

 Bottom Line

With that said, we hope that this article has made you realize that there are more than expected household appliances to be cleaned frequently.

Being diligent in upkeeping the hygiene of your living space would pay off, so do not miss these items!

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