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How Do Zhu Battle?

Kung Zhu
Battle Zhu Zhus
It all started with a box.
This box.
What’s inside?
A world of exploration, imagination and fun. A world so captivating the adults played til the wee hours, AFTER the party was over and the kiddos were dreaming of their next battle training to prepare to capture the title.
Honestly, I remember something about my kiddos saying they wanted a Zhu Zhu Pet. Okay, I remember it was repeatedly. Still. I had no clue what this meant.
We invited friends and family to help us discover the mystery surrounding the question What is a Zhu Zhu pet?
From there it got ridiculous!
Thanks to Mom Select we had the opportunity to host a Kung Zhu Battle Zhu Zhu’s party. The party kit included the entire line of the newly released Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters and accessories. When the box arrived Hubby and I took a preview, but it was still a mystery.
We kept it a secret from the kiddos as we set up the party.
Hubby nearly blabbed it when the Kung Zhu commercial came on and he started hollering, “Come here. You’re going to miss it!” The children were bewildered. I saw the look on their faces that Dad had lost his mind. For a week every time the commercial came on, my husband shouted for me.
We still didn’t know what was about to happen.
On the day of the party we ate refreshments, we played a few ordinary games and then–ka-boom! My husband dropped the box into the center of the room.
“What’s in there?” children asked.
“Open it and find out” came the reply.

The next five minutes is a blur. There were boxes being tossed around. Shrill screams sliced the air. The room was a frantic haven.

Then it happened.

As the adults started reading the boxes helping the kiddos determine their Zhu Zhu Warrior, they became engulfed in the fun.


Suddenly, the kiddos were on their own as the adult party goers were seeking their own Zhu Zhu Warrior. They were strategically planning the battles, picking alliances and forfeiting the mature adult manners with which they had come to the party.


Zhu Zhu pets were taking over as they were set free from their boxes. Children were asking others, “Have you seen my zhu zhu?”


Training stations were starting to erect throughout the room as children and adults frantically worked together to set up their facilities to prepare for the Battle Arena.

Two hours later, the Zhu Zhu Training and Battle Arena were in place. We oohed and aahhhed as the Zhu Zhus wound their way through tunnels and then held our breaths and they stopped just outside the arena. Their owner, placed the armor on their Zhu Zhu and they entered the arena.
Battle after battle is was to the death! Winner takes all.
The kiddos played and challenged.
The adults played and challenged.

There was an awful lot of smack talk.

By both human and Zhu Zhu.


The party ended and each guest took home their Zhu Zhu pet.

Those that remained, went to bed, while the adults held out. Once there was silence, Zhu Zhu pets began again to train and adults regressed to childlike behavior as Kung Zhu ruled the night!
Kung Zhu held our attention and gave us the Zhu Zhu Fever. They are available in local retailers like Walmart and Target as well as Toys R Us. Check them out and tell me how do Zhu Batttle?

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate a party and this review. No other compensation was received. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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