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Hiking In Ireland: What To Know

Many individuals out there wish to leave their busy lives behind and go somewhere peaceful and quiet. They want to take all the natural air that will mentally and physically cure them. You can participate in Hiking activities in Ireland as it’s one of the best countries where you can truly connect with nature. You can get in touch with a good travel agency that will provide you with excellent Ireland tours in which you will get the hiking option say the experts at Firebird Tours. Alternatively, you can plan the trip yourself. The area near Cork, for example, is a great place to enjoy a slow hike, and afterward, you are free to take a fast and comfortable Cork to Dublin train and set off to explore the country’s lively capital according to Rail Ninja. But what other things you should keep in mind before planning an Ireland vacation, featuring a long hike?

hiking Ireland Howth Hike

Things you need to know when hiking in Ireland

Going for a hike within the Irish soil stands out as an excellent idea however you look at it. But there are several things you must know before you go any step further. Check below!

      1. The best time to go: Ireland welcomes visitors and vacationers but the weather is pretty unpredictable. The best time to visit this nation is during the summers between May and September. Also, Autumn and Springtime
        are excellent times to travel because the air is pretty cool and crisp, and you might get wet due to the rain that occurs from time to time. 
      2. Things you must bring: Before you leave for a hike, you need to make sure that you pack all the necessary things. Carry all the important items that will protect you from the Irish weather conditions, such as an
        umbrella, unblock, and good walking shoes. If possible, carry some medical supplies just to prepare for any events turn. Torches, walkie-talkies, extra clothes, and utensils are some of the things you must carry. 
      3. Things to drink and eat: When it comes to food and drinks, it will depend on the type of route you choose. Ireland is home to many regional culinary delights. When you are visiting Cork, do try out their Black
        Pudding, and in Dublin have a bite of the prawns. In Dingle, you will come across some of the best locally-sourced salmon. For drinks, you will get beers, a cup of hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate anywhere in Ireland. But we
        advise you to enjoy all the delicious things mentioned above during the city breaks; taking black pudding on a hike seems counterproductive. It’s better to pack some nuts, chocolates, and pretty much anything that is packed
        with calories, as you will need energy during the experience. 
      4. The culture: Irish people are pretty proud of their roots and traditions. Their native language, Gaelic, is predominantly uttered across several regions of the country. When you go hiking, you may even come
        across some Irish people who speak this beautiful language if you are very lucky! Music is deeply rooted within the Irish culture, so check out the trad music sessions while in Ireland.
      5. Are the terrains challenging: The hiking trails in Ireland across many terrains. On many routes, you will encounter a mixture of forest tracks, roads, and trails. Also, the difficulty might vary.
        on the type of route, you select. The Barrow Way in Ireland is pretty flat, but the Wicklow Way and Kerry Way are pretty mountainous. 

      >Beautiful lake surrounded by mountains in Ireland

Summing Up

Ireland is a beautiful country. You will have no problems going hiking with a group of friends or family members. It’s guaranteed that you will have a safe, outstanding, and exciting experience.  

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