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Diaper Bags How to Find the Best One

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Diaper bags are a fundamental item of modern parenthood. This essential bag can make or break a family outing or visit the sitter. There are many factors to consider when selecting a diaper bag.

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How-to Guide

1.    Price

Before you even begin shopping for a diaper bag, it is important to set a budget for yourself. If you are expecting or already have a little one, you already know that expenses will begin to add up so it is important to establish a price right out the gate that you will be comfortable in spending. Many luxury brands have started to create high-end diapers. It is important to remember that functionality should be your biggest factor when selecting a diaper bag. Many luxury diaper bags may require dry cleaning which can be inconvenient and bring more hassle than they are worth. On the other end of the price scale, you do not want a diaper bag that is of poor quality and will need to be replaced shortly after buying it.

2.    Functionality

Now that you have a price you are comfortable with spending on a diaper bag, you want to consider functionality. Babies require A LOT of stuff so you need a bag that can help you carry all those items with you in one bag. Space is a big factor. Every parent and child is different so it is important to find the right-sized bag for you and your child. Next, consider a bag with pockets. It can be daunting to rifle through a huge diaper bag when your baby is screaming and crying for their pacifying or struggling to find baby wipes for a diaper change. If your diaper bag has pockets, this can make grabbing the items you need a breeze. An added bonus for a diaper bag is if it has insulated pockets. This can help you store milk or food while traveling. Also, consider the material of the diaper bag. There will be messes. There will be leaks. It is important to find a diaper bag that is machine washable. This will make your life so much easier.

3.    Design

There are many designs for diaper bags, so you want to find the best fit for you. The backpack style is great for hands-free carry. It is comfortable to carry with its double-strap design, but it can make getting to items in your bag harder to do. Messenger style is the most traditional design and allows for easy access to your bag. A downside to this design is that it can be uncomfortable to carry with its one-shoulder design. Tote style is another common diaper bag design. This design is great for overnight trips or a parent and child that have a lot of items to carry. It can be hard to find items if the total does not have adequate pockets.

4.   Aesthetics

Lastly, when selecting a diaper bag it is important to like to carry it! Any time you are out of the house with your little one, you will have this bag with you so it is important that you like how the bad looks! There are so many styles and options that fit any budget. If you are looking for something less traditional and more modern and multifunctional, there are many brands that are right for you! It is also important that you consider your spouse when selecting a diaper bag. They will have to carry it as well so opt for something that fits both of your aesthetics.  

Things to Remember

  • Consider how you plan to use the diaper bag. Everyone’s day-to-day routine is different so it is important to select the diaper bag that best fits the needs of your little one and your routine.
  • Select a diaper bag that is comfortable to carry. This is so important when considering how the diaper bag will be used.
  • Put your diaper bag on your baby registry! Once you have found the diaper bag that fits your needs, your baby registry is a great way to involve family and friends in welcoming your little one.

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