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HALO Combat-Ready Vehicle Model Kits

Halo fans, prepare for battle with new Revell® plastic model kits of fan-favorite vehicle variants. 

William can’t get over the fantastic factor. These model kits feature Revell’s SnapTite® Build and Play collection and replicate his in-game counterparts down to the body detailing and weaponry, snap snugly together without the glue or tools needed for conventional models, withstand the rough-and-tumble of any Halo skirmish, and deliver lights-and-sounds firepower that will help you save humanity from enemy forces.

HALO Combat-Ready Vehicle Model Kits

halo unsc william

Models include:

halo warthog

  • UNSC Warthog

halo unsc pelican

  • UNSC Pelican
  • Covenant Wraith
  • UNSC Scorpion

We received the Revel UNSC Warthog ($24.99) and the Revel UNSC Pelican ($29.99) for review.

William built the UNSC Pelican in less than an hour.

halo pelican built

The UNSC Pelican is the armored air transport with a distinctive twin-bubble canopy that carries troops and vehicles into battle against the Covenant. A fully functional rear hatch opens to reveal the cargo bay of this massive combat dropship.

halo unsc pelican inside

Wing and engines rotate, as seen in Halo 5: Guardians. The illuminated cockpit, engine thrusters, takeoff, and flying sounds bring the Pelican to life.

halo unsc pelican logo

The Master Chief and Linda-058 pilot figures are poised for their next assignment in the cockpit.

halo unsc pelican man in

He’s waiting for winter break to build the Revel UNSC Warthog, the signature fast assault vehicle of the United Nations Space Command fitted with a turret-mounted heavy machine gun. Rugged PVC tires and a fully functional suspension system deliver a realistic off-road feel and response, the machine gun lights up, and both the machine gun and the Warthog engine sound off during battle. The Master Chief, Kelly-087, and Frederic-104 figures in the package are ready for any mission.

Batteries are included in all four Revel Halo products. The entire collection is available through Amazon and mass-market retailers.

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