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EcoStores Cleaning with Green Review

Eco Store USA

Citrus Spray Cleaner and Auto Dish Powder Review

Taking care of my family and home is a top priority for me.

I show my love and appreciation to them by keeping a tidy household. 

I’m open to cleaners that work.

I’ve tried many, including one that my husband claims smell like a “Meth Lab in Progress” and another that wreaks of “urine smell”! Wow!

I appreciate not burning the small-buds out of my children’s noses and generating harmful gases (I once accidentally made mustard gas in my car’s trunk when ammonia and Comet combined–it sealed my trunk closed and rusted out EVERYTHING back there!)

After that experience, I prefer eco-friendly cleaners.

Still, a lot of them have left me disappointed, not cleaning nearly as well as those stinky, chemical-laden common cleaners.

Then I tried EcoStores USA products, and I realize that a “GREEN” Cleaner can be powerful.

It can get the job done just as quickly and with far less harm than the “other” cleaners.

I was skeptical, but I wasted no time in putting EcoStores Citrus Spray Cleaner to the test.

Our microwave oven needed some serious cleaning.

I warn you the pictures in this post are horrific!

They portray evidence that my family does NOT clean up thoroughly after themself.

Meet the inside of my microwave.

Scary–I know.

That’s grease, spaghetti sauce, exploded chili beans, cheese looks like maybe a “popped” chicken enchilada, and I am not even going to attempt to guess what else has plastered the microwave’s walls.

Just for fun, I’m also sharing the ceiling of the microwave.

How these things happen is beyond comprehension, but at my house, they do!

I sprayed the EcoStores Citrus Spray Cleaner and, right away, my four-year-old, exclaimed, “Hmmmm…something smells nummy!”

Then I used a damp sponge and wiped out the microwave.

It was easy!

I did, occasionally, rinse my sponge–more to clear it of the nasty food that was collecting in its spores than anything else.

Very impressive.

The EcoStores Citrus Cleaner was spectacular!

It sprayed quickly, didn’t pollute my house with a “Meth Lab in Progress whose occupants urinated everywhere” smell.

It required virtually NO elbow grease. I seriously just wiped.

The results were clean walls that looked like something safe to put food into.

It was a good feeling knowing that my microwave was clean and without nasty chemicals.

Here are the ingredients:

•D-Limonene (from citrus)

•Palm and coconut-based non-ionic and anionic surfactants

•Fatty acid derivative


•Filtered water.


I have also used the EcoStores Citrus Cleaner to clean my floors, my walls, my shower, and kitchen sink and counter.

It is an excellent cleaner and smells crisp and clean.

We also tried the EcoStores Auto Dish Powder, and this stuff rocks!

Our dishwasher collects a musty, nasty smell, and once a week, I have found myself soaking vinegar in the bottom to rid it of the odor.

It was due for this treatment, but I’m inherently lazy, so I put it off.

I loaded the dishwasher like normal and added the EcoStores Auto Dish Powder.

This is serious stuff; it only requires ONE TABLESPOON for an entire load!

That’s friendly on my husband’s wallet!

The cycle complete, I opened the door and was greeted by a fresh smell.

It cured my dishwasher’s BAD smell and left my dishes sparkling.

My glasses were crystal clear and not coated in any way.

They squeaked when I ran my finger down them!

EcoStores is my newest “magic weapon” in my fight against grime and smell in our home.

It makes me feel great knowing that I am providing a clean environment that is not harming my little people or Planet Earth.

At the end of the day, that’s a wonderful feeling!

WANT to SEE and SMELL the DIFFERENCE Yourself?

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post.  I received the items mentioned in this post from the sponsor for review purposes. The opinions above are my own and were not in any way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experiences may vary.


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