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AirJet Aerating Shower Head Review

AirJet Aerating Showerhead Review 

The highlight of my day is a long, hot shower. It’s my moment–though usually there’s a lot of knocking and hollers for “MOM!” while I’m in there. I’ve told you our resolution was to be more eco-friendly and reducing water is a chore. Not because we can’t, but because I LOVE showers.

My family had the opportunity to review a green shower head made by Well Green. It’s called the  Airjet Aerating Shower Head in chrome. I accepted and when it arrived, I was not impressed. It was extremely lightweight and I said, “Seriously?”

My children have all participated in the local reduce energy program at school and come home with showerheads that reduce water. Unfortunately, they also reduce water pressure. It’s been a countdown until the assignment was over so that we could go back to our regular shower head (and wasting our resources)! I chalked the AirJet up to be such a device.

We decided we’d use it upstairs, so we bought the hose and installed the Air Jet Showerhead. It was a piece of cake installation and took just minutes to install. We stood back, turned on the shower and my mouth fell open, there was some amazing water pressure–something the upstairs shower has never really had, and according to their website, AirJet uses 40-50 percent LESS water than conventional showerheads under the same conditions.

I was the first to try the AirJet Showerhead and was delighted that it gives a very strong pressure. It was a GREAT shower!
The water pressure is not at all disappointing. The AirJet was far more impressive than our traditional showerhead and it is awesome to know that we’re using LESS water than before and gaining a better shower!

From their website:

About the Air Jet Shower Head:

How it Works
A vacuum valve is built at the bottom of the showerhead to increase water pressure. The valve sucks in outside air through atmospheric pressure differences. This forms compressed air doubles which are expanded rapidly at the top of the showerhead, causing explosions of extra pressure.

Save Water

  • Air Jet Shower Conventional Shower
    Air Jet uses 40 ~ 50% less water than conventional showerheads under the same conditions.

I love this showerhead. I love that it’s reducing the waste of our water resources. The only thing I don’t like is that I had to eat crow because AirJet Aerating Shower Head WORKS!

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive the product mentioned in the post from the sponsor in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others’ experiences may vary.

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