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Get Your Kiddos to Express Themself!

The Wheel of Feel
It’s sometimes a chaotic life. Everyone wanting to share; usually it’s all at once!
I know I feel overwhelmed and I see this same feeling from time to time with my children. Being one of six siblings is a rough and blessed gift.
My younger children are often shadows to my older children whom are more apt to share how they feel and express themself more easily.
Fishful Thinking is founded on the ingredient of “Emotional Awareness”. Finding this is no easy task. We’ve created a tool that is a BIG hit and has everyone playing along. Meet “The Wheel of Feel”!
We sat down one night and for our family activity we made these wheels. The bottom wheel has faces that show different emotions for the little people and the emotion is written (for bigger people). The top wheel reads, “Today I Feel” and has an opening. A brad pin hold the wheel together, enable the owner to move the photo that matches their feeling to show in the “slot”.
We talked about how important it is to not bottle things up. To be aware of not only own own feelings, but the feelings of those around us.
It’s been a two month project. We’re using The Wheel of Feel far more than ever. My children instead of bickering (though they still tend to do this far more than I care to admit) will get their Wheels and show the person they’re upset with or hurt by how they feel. It enables them to be brave and express themselves, but more importantly it generates conversation. It opens the door to apology or to praise.
It is cause for celebration when someone is “happy” and a pause for thought about our actions when someone is “angry”.
I’m thankful for Fishful Thinking and the opportunity to be able to help my children “see” how important their feeling are and be able to express them in a happy and healthy manner.
Disclosure: I’m a Fishful Thinking Ambassador. We use this program in our home. The opinions are my own.
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