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Full Steam Ahead: Why Buying a Boat Is an Easy Decision

Large masses of water can be extremely therapeutic and beneficial to your overall health, says The Health Site. You’ll have the advantage of clean air, lower stress levels, and you sleep better thereafter. You can enjoy the benefits much more if you own a boat. You get the chance to spend time in the water; whether alone or with family and friends. However, the decision to get a boat requires some thinking on your part. It’s not a cheap investment, and there are certain maintenance aspects you’ll need to take good care of. Let us go into the discussion on why buying a boat is an easy decision in a little bit more detail below.

Why Buying a Boat Is an Easy Decision

Is Buying a Boat a Good Decision

You can buy a boat if you put aside some money. You can also get a loan from family, friends, or financial institutions. The latter requires that you have good credit, but you can also get bad credit boat loans if your credit score is not good.

The decision to buy a boat is an individual one, but certain factors may sway your decision favorably, including:

  • You get to interact with other boat owners
    • You get the joy of being out in the open, breathing in the fresh air
    • It can encourage teamwork and is a great place to spend time with your loved ones
    • You can enjoy activities like photography, or even engage in friendly competitive Sports

Remember, owning the boat is just one aspect to being able to enjoy your investment. You’ll need to maintain it, just as you would your car or house. Service it regularly to keep it in good working condition.

woman sitting on a boat


Should I Buy a Boat?

Owning a boat will give you access to so many activities, including fishing, water skiing, or even paddling for relaxation. Our response to this question is, therefore, a resounding YES!

However, if you need a little more convincing, read on below for good reasons why becoming a boat owner will benefit you in the long run.

1. It Is a Great Investment Option

We’re not only talking about money investment here but investment in your overall health. Spending time in the water will reduce your stress levels, strengthen your body, and give you amazing tranquillity. There is a mathematical computation on how being in a boat can increase your lifespan.

If you spend 10 hours in a boat, you increase your lifespan by approximately 1.3 minutes, multiply by the length of your boat, and divide by the beam measure. If the math gets too much for you, just take it from us that you are increasing the number of years you will get to enjoy your boat.

To return to the money investment part, you can use your boat as collateral if you need financing. If you ever need to sell it, you’re assured, depending on how well you took care of it, you’re in for a good return.

2. Great Place to Bond

Instead of taking your kids to the mall and spending large amounts of money, spend time on your boat. Your kids cannot take their cell phones with them so they’ll have to socialize. You also get the opportunity to impart valuable life lessons like teamwork and survival skills.

By having to be together within an enclosed space, you’ll find a way to deal with each other amicably. Most of all, spending time with the people you love is just a lot of fun. This touching essay, Lessons from Dad, by Jordan of Project Atticus proves how a boat is a great place to bond.

3. A Chance to Spoil Yourself

You work hard every day to make sure that you pay your bills and take care of your family. However, it’s alright to spoil yourself occasionally, and a boat is a great gift to buy for yourself. You get a place to relax and unwind without going to the bar. You can sail off into the sunset and enjoy some solitude.

Being out in nature will allow you to leave the fast-paced technological life behind. It’s a chance for you to take a moment to reflect on what’s going on in your life, in a quiet relaxing environment.

4. Enhancing Social Interaction

When you become a boat owner, you join an ‘exclusive club’ of other boat owners. You’ll get to experience a new lifestyle by engaging with people who share your passion. You learn a lot from them, and before you know it, your friend list will have a few more individuals in it.

The camaraderie that boating brings is amazing.


How to Buy a Boat

You have finally given yourself enough reasons on “why I should buy a boat?” The decision comes after quite a bit of deliberation because you understand what you may be getting into. There are, therefore, certain considerations you need to factor in, suggests

These include:

  • Are you buying a new one or a pre-owned boat? The former will have a warranty, but it will be more expensive.
  • What size do you want to buy? this will depend on what kind of water you’re using the boat in, how many passengers you intend to carry, you will use it for all-night excursions, among others
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you want a sailboat or a motorboat?
  • What is the frequency of use? If infrequent, consider renting instead of buying one. You’ll not have to worry about maintenance

Having a good understanding of what your needs are will significantly ease the buying process for you.

speed boat

Where to Buy a Boat

You can buy straight from the manufacturers’ dealerships, among others. Also, talk to other people who own boats so that they can give you recommendations.

A dealership may be the best place to buy a boat because you can see your purchase. Do not approach a seller without doing a background check. Ask for referrals, and read customer reviews to confirm that you are dealing with a dealer of repute.

sailboat sailing in the sea

Ready to Hit the Water?

Life is short, and you need to enjoy it as much as possible. If you have some love for the water and know the benefits of being in it, you should consider buying a boat. You will get to relieve your stress and enjoy bonding experiences with your family and friends.

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